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  1. VMAX1260

    Amazing paint discovered

    OK you know i am a paint freak right. check out the new paint that the driver can change the color to what ever he likes. I will try out to find some info and prises. i want it badly
  2. dannymax

    Discovered COPRUNNER'S secret to hi-mileage

    I headed west up into the Catskill Mtns. for a nice 165 mile cruise today. Started looking for the fuel light at about 110 miles but it didn't come on. Got to 122 on the clock and pulled in to a quick stop just to be on the safe side. It took 2.67 gal. to fill it right to the top of the...
  3. Shuriken

    Just discovered how horrible an '85 Max handles...

    Well, my friend and I tore up the canyon today, me on the stock '85 Max, him on his stock '98 Bandit 1200. We weren't really aggressive in the turns, but did some 95mph+ roll-ons in the straights. The Max did real well with the Suzy - except when I even thought about shifting lanes or...
  4. Rusty McNeil

    Things I've discovered about the swingarm/driveshaft

    In a recent post it was discussed about the rear spline joint being able to handle a little offset due to the way it was manufactured (it's kind of a wobble joint; hard to describe but if you looked at it closely it's real obvious) And how this would lend itself to being able to use the...
  5. Rusty McNeil

    World Record Clam discovered in Michigan

    Worlds record Clam!!!