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  1. Fire-medic

    time for a donation

    Hi fellow members, I just made a modest donation to the site, to help Gary keep things up & running. If you haven't in awhile, may I suggest that you also consider contributing whatever you can? Being able to participate in the discussions, seeing members sort-out their issues, and getting...
  2. Itgoes

    Sheldon's Donation Fund

    I was wondering if anyone new why the donation I made to the fund through the VMOA was returned to me. Is there an alternative like a direct mail address where it can be sent? -Mark-
  3. B

    Link for Decal Donation For Bill Warner

  4. Fire-medic

    donation to the forum

    I just made a donation to the forum because I am sure Buster can use the $ assistance. I have been meaning to do it again, I have done it in the past, and given the enjoyment I get from being able to post and to ask questions on technical issues, it is well-worth it to me. Please consider...
  5. 4gasem

    WarriorR6 award (Great Guy)

    OK all, I am not asking to see if he deserves one. I am only here to tell you that Michael was given one by me for is VERY gracious donation of his motorcycle magazine collection to my friend Nathan who has been stricken with brain cancer. Michael sent 67 pounds of magazines to me so that I...