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  1. vmax2extreme

    Thunder events

    MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOWS YOUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD!!! THUNDER 2015 EVENT CALENDAR ONLINE: We are exploring ideas for new exciting events to do at THUNDER 2015. Please make your suggestions HERE of what you'd like to see this year. This can...
  2. D

    Order of events after rebuilding carbs....

    Hello all you carb heads. Ok, I see all these fantastic write ups on rebuilding and adding jet kits. So what about the aftermath of pain that lies ahead? How can we minimize the time it takes to dial it all in? I'm talking A/F screws, which needle clip, all of the jet sizes, ETC..... Before we...
  3. ridinnoshiftin

    Upcoming Events for the Next 90 Day(s)

    I am not trying to nit pick here, but is there no Thanksgiving this year? Just happened to notice it was not listed in the upcoming events. Maybe this was intentional as we may not have anything to be thankful for after the election. That or there is a shortage of maze to make fuel! :bang...
  4. V

    June events in Michigan!!

    Morning! Got a flyer from Fox Powersports in Grand Rapids listing a couple of events they are sponsoring in June :eusa_dance::eusa_dance: June 8 and 9 the Star/ Yamaha trailer will be at Fox Shawmut Hills and they will be offering up demo rides on alot of the lineup. Rides are free and Ken...
  5. 82ndCowboy

    Details for Events Bike Week 2009

    Here's the Newly released and updated details for Bike Week 2009. Weds March 4 > 6:30PM - Early bird Hangout Pira?a Bar and Grill - 241 N US-1 (Ridgewood Ave) Ormond Beach. Head North on US-1 (Ridgewood). Once you cross over US-40, Pirana will be on the right about 1/2...
  6. L

    Europe Events

    I added several Europe events to the Calendar. I am planning on attending all but DoT Berlin. If any of you would like help with the German language pages, let me know. Hope to see some of you Euro-maxxers there! Now get to adding your events too!
  7. dwardtxusa

    Dallas area VMAX Events?

    Are there any planned VMAX events in the DFW area this Summer/Fall?
  8. Buster Hymen

    (Calendar) Upcoming events entry (motorcycle or non-motorcycle related)

    Can someone fill the dates of the upcoming bike events, like Thunder, in on the Calender. I don't have the date or details handy. Thanks! :D