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  1. CaptainKyle

    Fingers crossed

    Well I am excited & have my fingers crossed. We have been dealing with this estate all year & are more than ready to move on. We put an offer in on a house today it needs carpet & kitchen cabinets but the land is awesome. It has 10.3 acres and already has a 24 x 40 fully insulated shop...
  2. mckzx9

    Crossing fingers for carrezzera's !!!!!

    Selling my wife's 2008 Suzuki boulevard 800cc. Got a call tonight someone is coming to look at it tomorrow am. If it sells I am using the money for a new set of rims from Sean. I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight lol. My wife is letting me use the proceeds from the sale to feed...
  3. 88vmx12

    Cross your fingers!

    :worthy: I found the company that bought the rights to the resistors that I was using for the COP's conversion mod. Yes bought the rights or pats etc / consumed / bought out the company that was making the resistors. Now the catch is they are really not too interested in putting them in...
  4. M

    Cross your fingers

    Going in tomorrow morning for replacement of my pacemaker. Only a little nervous, routine procedure, but there's always a chance for infection or other complication. They'll keep me overnight Monday nite for observation, so I should be able to post sometime Tuesday PM. Keep fingers crossed...
  5. 88vmx12

    for the crafty guys with small fingers!

    Well as the title says! "for crafty guys that have small fingers'' or even guys that just want to give a good attempt. Years back Yamaha had the paper 1st gen Vmax you could print out. Well looks like they finally released the 2nd gen Vmax.:clapping...
  6. Robbarrie

    Numbing fingers

    Hi gents: Just wondering what works best for this problem ? I was told at one time that filling the inside of the handlebars with expansion foam will decrease the vibration....(not so sure this will work). The clamps which hold the bars seem very tight, I was thinking of rubber strip...