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  1. cyclehoarder

    Finally gave them some exercise last Sunday

    Mama got some saddle time in on the MAX I think she enjoyed smoking me on her Fazer, I made have made a mistake LOL So glad spring is finally here been a long winter.
  2. VMax-Mike

    gave up motorcycle's for this

    I do have to say i miss my vmax more than anything. Not just the bike but all the hooligan comradery and a good close race. I was playing with fire every time i put my leg over the seat so i had to put a stop to it. I just could not grow up enough to keep it and when i went for a ride without...
  3. a113ycat

    My Buddy Gave ME a GEN 2

    Well it isnt a real GenII but its the thought that counts right? My friend does a very similar this to what I do and when he was buying a bulk load of inventory from a Yamaha dealer he remembered 'ol a113ycat and get me the life size dealership display banner. It is exactly like this poster but...
  4. Blurr

    Water pump gave up the ghost... my computer this morning, so if everybody could refrain from posting really interesting stuff for just a few days that's would be wonderful. OK? That is all.
  5. C

    Almost Gave up on the Vmax

    My dream of owning and ridding a vmax was almost crushed . All due to rediculous Insurance companys heer in Ontario . Thankfully I was able to shop arround a bit . and find a fair company among the two bit theives...... First of all (jevco ),my currant policy holder, is the most disgusting...
  6. mattness

    my gf just gave me

    my gf just gave me the green flag to buy a gen2. lol im pumped, thinking about a used 09 with a few mods.. prolly 15-16k or getting a left over '10. the local dealer has one for 18,500 i wonder if i could squeeze em to 18 OTD... im worried that by the time i paid taxes on a 16k used one i...
  7. Bogie

    Dealer gave me some wall porn..........

    .......... to shut me up for awhile about when my 09 R1 will get here!! :rofl_200: I know its nota Vmax but I am just chomping at the bit to get my hands on my new bike!!! :punk: :eusa_dance:
  8. eatatjoz

    Gave her a bath today.

    Well, I let my tags expire a few days ago. I couldn't ride today, and it had to be a good fifty something degrees outside. I did excuse myself a little though (I'm only going to blow dry it real quick. I'm not really riding it....) I have to give her a bath a little more often and not treat her...