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  1. vmax2extreme

    Tourmaster Synergy Textile Heated Gloves

    PERFECT FOR WINTER: Up for sale is one gently used pair of Tourmaster Synergy Textile Heated Gloves size SMALL. All in working order in excellent condition. $95 shipped See below craigslist posting for pictures:
  2. maleko89

    Summer riding gloves

    Hey, I have a decent pair of cool/cold weather gloves but am looking for decent warm weather gloves. What's everyone using? Any recommendations? Thanks. Mark
  3. RaWarrior

    Fox Bomber gloves

    Old riding gloves were getting pretty worn out, leather was getting hard and rubbing so I picked these up to replace them. They're motocross gloves, but I prefer these to street-specific gloves since they tend to fit a bit tighter and give better dexterity. From wrist to tip of middle finger...
  4. thundermax

    Gel Riding Gloves

    Used to we're gel riding gloves when I rode a Cannondale bicycle. Had gel in the palm and on the fingers, they were tipless. Now I am looking for some gloves with a lot of gel padding. Let me hear from you what gel gloves you use. have been looking at a lot of them from motorcycle superstore.
  5. Heretic

    Icon Merc Shorty Gloves

    I have been a big supporter of Icon products over the years and have given them a great deal of my money. I have also defended their quality to others who have bitched about them. Around 2 years ago I purchased a set of the Merc Shorty gloves from a local shop. Today the pull to tighten the...
  6. max_caper

    Motorcycle gloves for winter riding

    Hi, There's frost every morning but I'm still not ready to stop riding. The hands are the hardest part to keep warm it seems. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with a winter motorcycle glove without going to the electric variety? Thanks, Blaine
  7. gamorg02

    olympia cold throttle gloves...

    looking at getting a pair for low 40's to low 50's degree riding. I have a pair of leather gloves but no insulation on them. Looking for an affordable item, not looking to go heated or anything.. these came across on my searches and went down to the local stealership and they fit very nicely...
  8. firefly

    Winter gloves or glove liners?

    In cold weather ( California winters ~ 40* at the most ) what kind of gloves do you guys recommend? I have a Dainese glove , it is warm but offers no protection in case of a spill, can't find a decent winter glove at a fair price, dainese has one with protection for ~$200 which is ridiculous to...