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  1. P

    oem black headlamp bucket

    Can any one tell me the year gen 1 had a black head lamp bucket
  2. A

    Help with Replacing Headlamp

    Just bought a LED Headlamp. It came with 2 wires, one for ground and one for 12v. As you know the Vmax comes with 3 wires. The LED Headlamp has the ability to be Hi, Lo and strobe. How do I wire this into the existing 3 wire schematic?
  3. S

    Headlamp bypass

    Is there any way I can easily bypass the headlamp so it is not on when starting the engine on my 95 jap import max, I think it's the same as the U.S. spec with the light on as soon as the key is switched, it may make for better warm starting, or does the lamp automaticly bypass when the starter...
  4. J


    I don't want to go to a HID light but I have heard that the newer lights out are a Real big Improvement over the OEM's. Is it true that some of the newer lights that I can simply put in the Original Housing will MELT:ummm: the Headlamp Housing? what would you Buy for a Improvement (im Getting...
  5. Black98Vmax

    Melted Headlamp Socket

    Hey- I am having trouble with the plastic surrounding the Headlamp bulb. It is getting HOT :angry flame devil: , and actually melting! I do have a "XENON" type bulb but not a true full-blown xenon system. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it? The ground is...