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Apr 14, 2012
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Just bought a LED Headlamp. It came with 2 wires, one for ground and one for 12v. As you know the Vmax comes with 3 wires. The LED Headlamp has the ability to be Hi, Lo and strobe. How do I wire this into the existing 3 wire schematic?
No instructions came with your new LED headlight?
Seems like an additional controller would be needed for full functionality.

You can wire the 12v line to either the high or the low and ground would remain the same. This would make it work but turn you hi/low switch into an on/off switch. I have my hid set this way; high is off so the console light is on to remind me my headlight is off.

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Put some wire leads into the H4 plug that's part of the harness and test it before you put in the housing. You might find that you have to cut the rubber surround and/or the headlight bucket to get it to fit properly. Also, with no LEDs on the sides, you're not going to get a very broad beam pattern from what I can see. Test it out, though, and take some pics.
I know only enough about this stuff to keep myself from getting shocked (too often), but I don't think I'd be too far off to say that in order to get both your low & high beam wires to operate on this two-wire transformer and to make that LED shine at two separate brightnesses, you will have to have, at the very least, one resistor - that will wire into your low beam 12V supply - and at least one diode to be places between your two 12v supply wires in order to keep your low beam wire from backfeeding into your high beam supply wire and activating it's blue indicator light. Unfortunately, it's going to take someone smarter than me to determine which resistor will reduce that low beam wire enough, but not too much, to allow the LED to shine just right.

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