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  1. vmax2extreme

    Bluetooth headset electrical issues?

    This past summer I've purchased a Sena 20S bluetooth module for my helmet. All works as expected except for the built in FM Tuner. When the vmax is turned off, all works crisp and clear as it should, but as soon as you turn the vmax to ACC on, all goes static on every station? I've...
  2. KJShover

    Noisehush N800 headset

    Wanting to keep in touch with home, while I'm riding, I went on the hunt for a bluetooth headset to put on my helmet. Being on a budget and having the need to pay for tuition, I was looking for something inexpensive. After googling for an afternoon, I found Noisehush's N800. At under $50 (...
  3. max_caper

    Headset info wanted

    I'd apprciate any feedback on a decent wireless comm system that can be shared between rider/passenger or between 2 different riders. These headsets would be used in full-face helmets. They should be able to pick up the voices of the riders and filter out the associated wind/exhaust sounds...
  4. Robbarrie

    Headset Radio Rating

    Wanting to buy a radio headset for bike to bike communication and rider to passenger. I want the forums input to help me make a good choice in purchasing the right one. But, I need to know why you bought the one you did, options offered and what were you looking for in a radio. Why to buy one...
  5. vmaxinID

    Headset Bearings?

    Does anybody recall any web sites that sell a complete replacement bearing/headset kit? It's for a 1999 I saw it once and now can't find them. ________ Suzuki GV1400