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  1. G

    Miss when cold runs well when hot?

    Ok, So I have a 1989 full power bike with 20k kms. It starts right up no issues, but runs very rough, pooping etc And the left rear cylinder is def not firing as the exhaust header is cold. After I take off and run for maybe 5 mins, the bike comes good and runs great, pulls like a train...
  2. Fire-medic

    hot job offer-do you meet the requirements?

    Read the requirements, and tell us how you qualify, at each prepared to 'go deep' if necessary. :confused2: Some probing may be required. I'm passing, on this job offer. I couldn't 'cut the mustard.'
  3. Conman

    1 Red Light= Hot and Sputtering

    My bike cruises on the highway fine, with the temp gage just below the black dot, but in slow driving it heats up really quickly. If I come from a 55 to a long red light, I’ll go from below the black dot to most of the way to the first red line. My fan kicks on about half way between the dot and...
  4. H

    Runs bad once hot

    Alright guys I'm out of ideas. I'm putting my friends 99 back into service after a long storage, and I've been through pretty much the whole bike. I overhauled the carbs, put in a new fuel pump and filter, cleaned all chassis grounds, eliminated the stator plug, have the regulator-rectifier...
  5. cyclehoarder

    Hot rods BBQ where else would you go?

  6. T

    Fuel pump goes into high speed chatter when hot

    Hello guys, was hoping someone has ran into this before. When the max gets up to temp and the fuel pump is hot as well, it starts hyper cycling and doesn't supply enough fuel to carbs to keep idling. This happens with fuel cap off and I checked filter is clear. Only happens when fuel pump is hot...
  7. G

    How hot is hot?

    So.. question - how hot does your bike get? I was riding around today in 90ish. The temp gauge went up quite a bit more than it normally does. Just wondering where it should normally sit for you guys. It was closer to the red than I liked.
  8. S

    Couldn't Shift into Neutral When Hot

    So, I'm new to V-Maxes, and picked up my 02 about a month ago. I've gone on some short rides and it's been great, probably only put 100 miles on it so far though. Today, I met my wife for dinner in town, which was the longest ride I have had on it so far (20 miles each way). Everything seemed...
  9. hurleyman77

    Battery weak when hot?

    I remember having seen this on the forum somewhere, but my searches are not pulling up anything useful. My bike acts like the battery is low, when it's hot. Simple as that. When it's cold, it starts like a champ (with a little choke) and runs like a top. When it's hot, it acts like the...
  10. D-Max2012

    Running hot on #2 and #4

    Just put the max away for winter hibernation and noticed the front 2 cylinder plugs were a bit scorched on the bottom of the rubber caps. Next season, I have to see where my AF Screws are, in relation to the back 2, and make them a bit richer. All plugs looked to have a light tan color and the...
  11. ih8detroits

    Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally

    Sept 10-12 in Hot Springs Arkansas. I'll be there.
  12. ih8detroits

    Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally

    Sept 10-12 in Hot Springs Arkansas. I'll be there.
  13. V

    Bike doesn't run hot, but I do.

    I put Engine Ice in my cooling system to replace regular anti freeze coolant. Seems to have not made a bit of difference. Claim is 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Anyone have a success story about how to keep ones ass cooler?
  14. vmax1968

    Bike hard to start when hot

    Hey guys, I noticed something weird happening with my bike. Bike starts perfectly fine when cold. After riding for a while (over 30 minutes) if I turn it off and try to turn it on immediately or within 1 to 2 minutes the bike will have a hard time starting like if the battery was dying. If I...
  15. S

    88 vmax1200 starter, hot start repair

    I have in my gen1 1200vmax, well known hot start problem. One theory about that is that starter shaft expanding due heating of the engine. So if i put collector to lathe and take of..lets say like 0.05mm of from shaft. pic 1 below. Is that solution? The shaft have bearings in both end, so its...
  16. johnblaid

    Oil Levels Hot and Cold...Is this Normal?

    1998 probably has been abused. I'm sure you may have read other threads about it recently. Just got carbs shotgunned and straightened out and engine was running well. Someone asked about hot and cold oil levels in the sight glass. when cold and on the side stand, oil is visible halfway up the...
  17. ih8detroits

    Hot Springs Rally

    Hot Springs Rally is Sept. 4-6, 2014 in Hot Springs Ark. Is anybody going? Me and my girlfriend will be there.
  18. A

    Erratic Idle when hot

    I wonder if any of you guys can help. It's the old problem: It has been plaguing me for the last year or so. Erratic idle when hot leading to it just dying. Rear coils both were cracked so I did the COP'S conversion including resistors in line on the rear, cleaned and balanced the...
  19. P

    How hot does the engine oil in vmax run?

    Hi, I'm wondering how hot the engine oil in vmax runs because i recently stripped a thread for a screw that is holding the oil pump while doing the HD oiler kit. The thread was only half stripped so i applied loctite to it. On loctite's webpage it states that a 5Nm torque gives about 24Nm...
  20. sarge103

    idle drops when hot

    I noticed while sitting in laconia traffic yesterday that my max's idle started dropping and at one point actually stalled out on me. It doesn't do it unless it's hot. I was wondering what this could be? Any help would be appreciated.