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  1. Zeus36

    Biker Awarded $180,000 After Being Kicked In Chest By Cop

    A motorcyclist in Eugene, Oregon has been awarded $180,000 after a jury concluded a police officer used excessive force to detain him after a chase. The officer was in an UNMARKED police car, rear-ended the biker and broke his collar bone by kicking him in the chest even though the guy was...
  2. R

    gonna get my butt kicked this weekend.

    Yep,..heres the story....a couple weeks ago I had a "role on" race with a fellow on his kawasaki R-9. My boost was not working and he didnt get by me till the top of 3rd gear. Hey, I had fun....didnt matter that I got beat.Any way ,he told me he wanted to "go again" after my boost was...
  3. ghostntheshell

    Oil filter kicked my a$$

    Hey guys. Tried to change my oil today. Drained it no problem. Washer was still in good shape - but I found one to replace it anyway. The OIL FILTER on the other hand - refused to budge. I tried for an hour. No luck. I am going to have to go a Yammy dealership and see if they sell the oil...
  4. Jayhawk

    This guy needs to be kicked in the pastrami

  5. Buster Hymen

    Getting my arse kicked in the Arcade!

    I used to have 3 of the high scores... not anymore! You guys are so mean!:tantrum::lol_hitting: