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  1. C

    Longest Rolling burnout Vmax....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_dmw8dRHfQ&feature=fvwrel I ve seen some pretty long burnouts, but this one takes the cake. We're not talking a measly 200 feet.... looks like 1/4 mile burnouts at one point lol. But he also bounces that thing off the rev limiter like its a good thing...
  2. VMax-Mike

    Your longest Vmax wheelie on vidio

    Lets see the vidio's. I need a bench mark. I watched a vidio of a gen vmax that put me to sham but i cant find it.
  3. vmax190

    longest marriage.

    i am on 12 years 01/04/96, and still love my wife dearly!!
  4. lankeeyankee

    Post your longest burnout measured.

    I wanted to start this thread to see if any others have measured there mark left by there VMAX. I had a neighbor one time ask me "Just how long can you burn that rear tire" This was back about 5 years ago and I had burnouts at every stop sign to and from my house, when I gave directions "Once...
  5. firefly

    The longest bike in the world!

    Now thats innovation