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  1. vmax1125

    Gary MCcoy ???

    Does anyone know if Gary MCcoy is still at Mondak motorsports i need some parts and sent a few emails to him which would not go though and mondak's have never replied to theirs. do i need a new parts guy? Chris :ummm:
  2. 4gasem

    Wrecked my mighty max...

    Well it was stupid and slow but it's still done about 2000 dollars damage. Needless to say the COO engine guards are coming off before it hits the road again.:damn angry: Only plus is my engine doesn't have a mark on it...:biglaugh: Anyone running these on a lowered bike... MAKE SURE YOU...
  3. davidon

    Gary McCoy new contact info?

    Anyone have his new contact info..heard he's back
  4. maleko89

    Gary McCoy at University Motors, ND

    I heard that he got fired recently. Rumor is that the owner didn't like the discounts he was giving. Bullshit IMHO.
  5. maleko89

    Gary McCoy - Vacation from August 8 through August 14

    Gary wanted me to let you know, please call University instead of emailing during this time. There are other guys who can take your order. Mark #1098