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May 8, 2007
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Bettendorf Iowa
Well it was stupid and slow but it's still done about 2000 dollars damage.

Needless to say the COO engine guards are coming off before it hits the road again.:damn angry: Only plus is my engine doesn't have a mark on it...:biglaugh:

Anyone running these on a lowered bike... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH CLEARANCE!

My best guess is I touched the right one down and it pried the front wheel off the ground and both tires were stone cold still. I was going MAYBE 5-10mph so no damage to me. I was wearing my kit however which worked the bees knees.

I got with Gary McCoy and he ordered me all the OEM parts I need as well as the Flanders drag bar and CRG bar end mirror. His prices were great and saved me about 452.00 bucks from buying them locally.

Here's the parts list minus a few things I have to get on my own.

42X-84315-01-00 Headlight rim

5GK-84330-00-00 Headlight Body

2KW-W2645-00-00 Master Cyl.

1FK-83912-20-00 Clutch lever

1FK-23437-10-00 Crown Cover

1FK-23435-20-00 Crown/handle (top triple)

1GR-83507-10-00 Speedo Bucket

3JP-21731-00-00 Left hand scoop

1FK-2172G-00-00 Scoop Panel

1FK-2837N-00-00 Scoop Grill

1FK-21511-00-7Y Front Fender

1FK-18110-00-00 Shift Lever

3JB26241-00-00 Left hand Grip

Flanders drag bar part number 650-04092 which is black powder coated.

HS-100 bar end mirror with adapter to mount into my bars on the left side.

Total for above is $898.20

I have Sean Morley sourcing me a straight dent free Faux cover to repaint with my black and red racing stripes (I really liked the look) so that will save a ton of coin as a NEW one is 587.00 from Ron Ayers. (not sure what McCoy wanted as I didn't even have him price it. I am going to repaint anyway so might as well just get used.

Ugh... I so don't want to have to do all this work again...:bang head:

Most of you know how anal I am about everything being just right which is why I am buying all new instead of used. I could probably source used parts but I want all the finishes to match each other and this is the only way I could truly guarantee that.

Anyway... I'm fine bike isn't but it soon will be. The sooner I get it fixed the sooner I will feel better...

Anyone that's ever done it knows that this is true. I've been down twice and both were at like 5mph... I count myself VERY lucky.:worthy:
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Sorry to hear of your incident,i know what it is like for sure,my bike fell over in the parking lot while i was waiting for it to warm up in daytona.Drove all the way there from toronto and to have the bike fall over without even riding it was a kick in the nuts.6000 kl on the truck and trailer and 79 kl on the bike,not a fair trade off.The most important thing is that you are ok and the bike is repairable,let me know if there is anything i can help with.Keep your head up,according to what people say there are two types of riders those who have went down and those who will,i haven't went down yet in 21 years of riding but who knows whats in store for the future.
Hey chris<
hit up fargo ,We just picked up that max he bought on Saturday .
He might be able to help you out with some parts you need.
Sorry to hear that Chris, atleast you didn't get hurt.
Good luck in getting your max back together...

And the answer is no, you can't have your old cans back!!!
But i do have a set of 18 inch cans that i can sell you cheap...:biglaugh:
FWIW, I always thought Mark's perhaps sounded a bit better, but Walker's, by far, looked better. Since your bike was running great with DW's, I'd probably replace in kind.
i would get marks system if i were you it sounds so sweet much better than dw's or any other i have heard. you might ask mark if he can make cans to fit your pipes ??
Sorry to hear about it Chris. Great news that YOUR ok though.

So basically, the frame sliders caused the wreck? Kinda scary to hear this since I've got a set of the coo sliders bolted on and I have the shocks waiting to be installed to lower the rear and am planning to get springs to drop the front someday. I kinda like being able to strech out and put my heels on the sliders. Maybe they can be cut down a bit and still function well enough to set my feet on but not scrape?

I've talked with you before about the exhaust deal. I'm a 4-2 guy and was torn between Mark's and Dale's pipes. Now that I've heard both, I must say I'm glad I chose Mark's. I've got to admit that the holeshots follow the lines of the bike better though. I think the area that makes the most difference is between the driver and passenger foot pegs. Dale's system just looks cleaner right in that area. Nice and tucked up. Not too much of a fan of the flat end on the cans though (well, I guess you weren't either:biglaugh:). If you want any specific photos or anything to help make a decision let me know.
Sorry to hear about this....

I am sure you will have it back and better than ever....:punk:
Damn Chris that's some bad news, glad you were geared up and came out none the worse for wear!
I'm thinking you would want to stay with Dales system since you have it tuned already for them. I hope you get back in good nick soon Chris.
Thanks guys. I need to check to see if the rear collector pipe is straight as the left side can now wraps around the rear shock bottom. (literally)

If I have to replace the whole exhaust I will go another route. I like the marks without the nipple cans. I want large tapered openings like a Kerker Comp baffle... lol

The Marks sound better due to the crossover. I guarantee it. Mine sound more like a Harley which is OK but not what I wanted. If it's the difference of 2-3 hundred I will go for a complete system I think. Now... I just have to get a hold of Mark. My luck in the past hasn't been good.

We'll see... I'm just glad I have my car to cure my need for speed... hehehe

Cheers guys!
OK I got a hold of Mark (2nd ring) and ordered the system from him. I bought the 14" cans because as I get older a little quieter is nice IMO. lol

He said I should see it in a couple weeks! DAMN!

That was faster than I thought I'd see it.

900 bucks isn't cheap but that's 250 bucks less than a full Walker setup.

that sucks...I had to replace a Dale Walker Can because some Idiot droped his bike into mine and left . No note of course. He can reskin them for far less than a replacement. I got a new one because it was a insurance job.
OK I got a hold of Mark (2nd ring) and ordered the system from him. I bought the 14" cans because as I get older a little quieter is nice IMO. lol

He said I should see it in a couple weeks! DAMN!

That was faster than I thought I'd see it.

900 bucks isn't cheap but that's 250 bucks less than a full Walker setup.

Mine arrived in 11-12 days, must have caught him on a slow week! :worthy::punk:
Like others have said... it sucks and sorry to hear about it, but at least you are o.k.! Feel free to let me know if you need help putting it back together.

TOTAL Bummer Chris.
Glad your OK though.
It makes your heart ache when you survey the damage, but know you'll get her back in shape in no time.
I just got mine finally finished the week before last after my accident two months ago.
Still waiting on one certain dent free Chromed part though. ahhhem....

PLus this past weekend I finally got my racetec setup in and finished and am in the process of tuning it in.

So relax, take your time. You will be right as rain in time.

Ohh BTW. Mondak's price for VMOA members on that tank cover was $576.00
On new parts, Gary could not be beat when I ordered all my stuff.

But Sean is the man to see for used stuff or chromed stuff. He rocks!

And I drought you'll want it, but I have a tank cover with a dent in it I'll sell ya. LOL!

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