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  1. Lotsokids

    Safety Message - Deer

    For you that are still riding through the winter, just a note for you to beware of deer (at all times of the year). There have many deer and foxes run across the road near me recently. If you hit one while riding, that will mess you up. Don't push it with your speed, especially during dark...
  2. Bill Seward

    Americade Message Board Asshole.

    I've been a poster on the Americade board for about 8 years now. For the most part, it's been a pretty cool group of people. However, one dickhead has taken it upon himself to completely harass and belittle another member of the boards. He's got a group of people "The Gang @ Fran Cove", to...
  3. Bill Seward

    Americade message boards (

    Nasty trojan horse has infected the site. Enter at your own risk. Avast totally blocked it on my computer.
  4. bigrubbers4x4

    i got a nasty message on the starVmax site

    hers how the message read from mattness: WTF? i guess Gen I riders arent welcome on that site....:ummm: so this is what i asked him: