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    What VMax enthusiast in the midwest wants to make money?

    Gang, For those who have followed my posts I am at my breaking point with my vmax. I have tried everything to get rid of this high rpm miss to no avail. I don't consider myself to be a bad mechanic but at this point I give up on the son of a bitch. If anyone is interested in giving this...
  2. 4gasem

    Floods hit the Midwest!

    Check out these pics of downtown Davenport which is where Sturgis on the River was supposed to happen... Oh and it's down pouring right NOW! :bang head: Number 5 is where the rally was to be held... :damn angry: Number 4 is River Drive in Davenport which is VERY apprapoe right now! lol The...
  3. QuarterHorse

    Awesome midwest afternoon

    So I went for a ride and tested out the 'ole Metzler rear tire. So far so good. I was messing around with my buddy on his FZR-600, he got beside me while I was around 3500-4000 in 1st gear and we both nail it. I haze the tire through first as he's right beside me, tag second gear the nose...
  4. Max01red

    Hello from the Midwest

    Cool site, I just bought the bike I've wanted since the first time I saw one in a magazine......In fact I had a picture of the 85 Vmax hanging on my wall when they first came out.....but I got into the sports bike thing for a long time and didn't get around to buying a Max untill now... I...