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  1. VegasVMax

    Brake light modulator

    I found a brake light modulator on eBay(, ordered and installed it today along with a set of LED tail light bulbs that I picked...

    Headlight modulator

    does a headlight modulator , mess with the charging system at all ? ( by putting a draw - no draw - draw - no draw all day long ) ? Does anyone have one on there max & what do they think of them .
  3. C

    head light modulator

    Does anyone have any experience using a head light modulator? I had a very close call, near head on cuz the on coming car apprently didnt see me when he pulled out to pass (maybe he just hates motorcycles?). Ive always thought they were just some BMW or Goldwing deal, but I cant deny how eye...
  4. Jayhawk

    Headlight Modulator

    Anyone here ever used a headlight modulator on your VMax? If so, which one? And, if not, why not? Thanks.