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  1. C

    11.05@122 Video and yes I dusted a Ninja 600
  2. R

    Ever use a "Ninja" jack on a vmax ?

    it works on my victory...haven't tried yet on the max
  3. schudaddie

    mutant ninja stator screws from hell

    Finally getting around to changing over to the higher output stator, (thanks CaptainKyle). The side cover came off no problem despite having to juggle the gears that wanted to come along for the ride. The bastard screws put up a hell of a fight :bang head: due to their being installed with the...
  4. Sonoran6

    Ninja LED tail light on a VMax.

    I got some electrical advice in another post and went to it today after school. Me and my dremel became very close today LOL. had to chop and cut pieces of the light to get it to fit in there just right. After a few hours of mocking it up and taking it off again and again. I got it installed...
  5. Norms 427

    Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R - King of 1/4 Mile

    Saw the first test of this bike in MOTORCYCLIST, Mar 2012. At the press release in Las Vegas Rickey Gadson turned a 9.61 @ 149.83 on a bone stock bike on his 1st pass. Later, Kawasaki supplied Rickey with a lowered bike with 2 LESS teeth on the rear sprocket (but otherwise stock) and he...
  6. Garbilizon

    Z1000 vs Ninja1000:

    "While you could "find the nicest people on a Honda," you could find exciting people on a Kawasaki. The Z1 was the first IL4 four-stroke Hooligan's bike." Read more on my new motorcycle blog "Riding the Carolinas"
  7. Garbilizon

    Just had my first mentionable kill

    I just got home from work, On my way out of NC music factory, in front of me there was a guy on what seemed to be a 1st or 2nd gen ZX10R, A fancy one too - with an extended swingarm and wide chromed out rim. He was checking his mirrors repeatedly and revving his engine, waiting for an opening...
  8. RagingMain

    Kawi Ninja 250 2005

    Hey Guys Any experience with one of these??? My son is coming out to live with me and I thought this would be a good starter bike for him. The one I am looking at only has 800 miles, so it will need the normal fluid change stuff. $1200 Any particular issues this bike might have??? Cheers
  9. clintard

    Ninja Cat Vs. Cobra

    Funniest thing ive seen for a while LOL :rofl_200:
  10. ROB06

    silly ninja boy

    so there i was just minding my own business, cruisin down 119 in indiana county @60-65mph and what do i see .. its ninja the slow lane ,not wanting to intimidate anyone,:whistlin: i give max a squirt as we go by,and with great joy,i hear him drop a gear,(was i waiting for this?)as i see...
  11. outlaws justice

    1990 Kawasaki EX500 Ninja

    THIS BIKE IS SOLD This bike is in pretty nice shape, New Tires, Chain, Sprockets and brakes. Oil just changed and ready to ride. I am riding it in New Hampshire this week, but when I return On Monday May 1st it will be for sale. A great overall bike. Color is Black with gray lower and red...