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  1. 911Carrera

    Reverse Bleeding Clutch

    Bought a new 2005 and have never worked on her. Never heard of reverse bleeding, but after searching the forum, did it and flushed some filthy stuff back up to the MC. I tried the "traditional bleeding" with no luck after changing out the Master Cynlinder. I never did see that trash I flushed...
  2. Fire-medic

    H-D reverse trike, like a Can-Am Spyder John Buttera, the legendary custom and race car builder, originally hailed from Wisconsin, and I guess he got to know some of the guys at Harley Davidson because they hired him to do some design and...
  3. nosvmax

    How do I use the reverse gear?

    I was talking to my buddy tonight and we were talking about cruisers. He said his friend has a Goldwing that has a reverse lever on it and that all cruisers have a reverse gear since they are heavier then sport bikes. Does my VMAX have reverse cause it sure is hard to back this thing up:bang head:
  4. naughtyG

    anybody needs a reverse gear!?

    LOL !!
  5. F

    Reverse gear setup for the Trike

    O/k guys i'm a newbie so i hope i'm posting in the right area here. Some of you may have seen my thread under Vmax Trike as i'm posting weekly pics of my build. I want to ask a question here. i've seen builds where Hardleys, Honda Goldwings & BMW can install a reverse gear for their trike...
  6. S

    Reverse shift pattern

    Is there any way to reverse the shift pattern on the max? It looks like it is impossible, but I would rather not have to switch back and forth. Suggestions? Thanks scratch