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  1. caseyjones955

    Gen1 sighting, Fish n Fry, deadwood.

    Dark red with flames, nyone here? the dual sport rally is going on and I noticed it before we all disappeared into the woods. We really dont oft see Vmax in these parts.
  2. Specs95t

    Gen 2 VMax sighting in Albany NY today

    Anybody here happen to be riding on I90 Eastbound by Everett Rd at about 12:30 pm today? My wife and I were riding and saw a nice one - passing cagers in the left lane - of course! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. tothemax93

    was it you. VMax sighting

    I've been working on I 86 between salamanca and Alleghany, in the southern tier of NY. I was in a big yellow water truck just past salamanca on ramp to 86 east. A 93 Vmax with supertrapps past me, and then got off at the 417/219 exit. anybody from here?
  4. P

    Manassas Vmax Sighting

    I was riding into Manassas yesterday evening about 6:30ish. Was stopped at the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Liberia Ave. Vmax made a left from Liberia onto PW Prkwy and was riding with what looked like Santa on a BMW (Santa was sporting his "Summer Beard") :rofl_200: Anyway...
  5. Ebein_486

    Detroit Vmax sighting

    Spotted a max heading south on schoenherr and 14 mile at around 6:20pm. Anyone know who it is?
  6. tothemax93

    Vmax sighting

    I was in holland (NY) today, and as I was waiting for traffic to turn into the driveway and a Vmax came by me. I gave him the thumbs up and then pointed to my bike. He gave me a nod. Was it any of you guys from the western NY area. I know it wasn't Bill Seward, although It was only a mile or so...
  7. OCVmax

    Vmax Sighting....

    I saw someone on a Vmax today in San Marcos on the corner of Rancho Santa Fe and San Marcos Blvd. Was it anyone on here??
  8. SteelerBike

    Max Sighting in Central PA--Enola

    Hey, saw a fellow maxer yesterday on route 15, was it you??? How many vmaxers on this awesome forum live in central PA?
  9. Buster Hymen

    Another sighting?

    This was posted on one of the Yahoo lists For what it worth, Rolf Henniges from the largest MC magazine in Europe (Motorrad) was out testing a MotoGuzzi Stelvio in Italy and was past by a prototyp of a V-Max and they try to hang on but lost him. But from what they remember was the radiator was...
  10. firefly

    New max sighting!

    I went out to 711 @ 3:00 am to buy a pack of camel then took a little ride in the crisp cold air when I saw an odd looking bike going the other direction, It got my attention , It looked like the new max so I quickly made a U turn to catch up with it , after several lights finally got close...