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  1. W

    Ethanol and fuel stabilizer

    Some folks think that using fuel stabilizer is only for off-season storage. While this may have been true in the good old days of pure gasoline, its not at all true anymore in this day and age of ethanol bastardized fuel. Unless you enjoy pulling carbs and cleaning pilot jets, etc., here are...
  2. Conman

    Weird Carb Noise

    Hi, I noticed when I start my bike there is a spritzing noise coming from what appears to be the right-rear carb, just below the round metal disk. It became less evident as the bike warmed up but it still happened periodically, especially as I bumped the throttle. It sounds like someone is in...
  3. Sonoran6

    Alternate steering stabilizer?

    is there any way to install a stabilizer like this as opposed to this
  4. Ridin Dirty

    Led signal stabilizer.

    Anybody got any experience with the metric signal stabilizer, sold by Custom Dynamics? It's supposed to take the place of the 7.5 ohm load equalizers they sell. It isn't having any effect, whether I have it connected or not. Part of the reason I want to change to LED's is to reduce electrical...
  5. K

    Windshield, Highway pegs, fork stabilizer

    New to the max world and looking for information on these items. Any help would be appreciated. Currently looking at an MRA highwayshield in smoke gray. Any input would be appreciated!! Thanks
  6. mabchewy

    Steering Stabilizer?

    Looking for steering stabilizer options for the V-Max?