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    Fron and rear wheel stands for Gen 2

    when I had all my gen 1's I saw a stand here and there but I see most Gen 2's have stands. The 2015 I bought came with a rear stand. Is this due to the no center stand ?
  2. Kenreesesr

    Swing arm and fork stands

    I have a 2003 Vmax, and having trouble knowing what stands to buy for front and rear. Pre 2009 seems to be unclear. Their seems to be no area to screw in spools on the swing arm. Not sure what to do. Also wondered about a jack for the bike. I have cobra exhaust, so their is no center stand. Any...
  3. B

    Dumb Question.... Pit Bull Stands & VMax

    Hey guys, I've got a ZRX1100 w/spools that my PitBull stand will lift the rear of the bike with. I don't see anywhere on the VMax's swingarm where I can install spools. How do I get the VMax up on the stand? Thanks brothers....:punk:
  4. F

    Vmax Stands

    Does anyone know where I can get front and rear stands for the first gen. Vmax? I am wanting the type that lift the bike by the forks and swing arm, just like the sport bikes use. Thanks
  5. slowpoke

    those without center stands

    how do you jack the ass end up to remove the rear tire?
  6. Max01red

    Work stands...

    The stock work stand came off to make room for the aftermarket exhaust....So I was wondering does anyone have/make a work stand that will work on the Max? Will the stands that lift the rear wheel like the sport bike stands work?? any help would be great.... Thanks..