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  1. Fire-medic

    aviation stories & a museum in MI A great place for when you're snowbound and want to spend some time on interesting diversions. And for those of you close to Chicago or Detroit, try visiting this: A great place to see some very...
  2. C

    Your street racing stories....

    The Ferrari story someone made a comment about having some stories and it made me think how cool it would be to have a thread with stories from different people. I street raced ALOT when I was younger. Mostly cars, and a couple bikes near the end of my illegal racing career. At the end I...
  3. M

    Cool/Funny/Sad bike shop stories.

    I have several. I'll just share one right now. My buddy owns a shop in western Va. He has a new, in crate, never prepped, 1985 GSXR 750. (dry clutch and all) The sad part...he won't sell it to me.....yet!
  4. Jayhawk

    Why so few riding stories?

    I visit a number of m/c message boards, including some dedicated to a certain bike/manufacturer. This board seems different, though, and I just wondered why? The other bike-specific boards I visit, there is considerably more bandwidth devoted to discussing rides/trips/pictures, etc. than...
  5. Jayhawk

    How about some stories?

    New member here, looking to buy my first V-Max this fall. How about some stories about the first ride on your V-Max, and what exactly convinced you to buy one? Thanks!