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  1. Trondyne

    Sudden Stalling

    Well, I was out today on the bike and for the first time she just died... It happened twice, I noticed before that a kind of brief miss as if the ignition stopped working every so often but only for a half a second while idling but not long enough to stall the engine, it became more of a miss...
  2. K

    HELP,, sudden problem in engin after carb installing

    First of all I?d like to thank you all Vmax friends on the forum ,,, actually , I removed the carb out from the manifold, cleaned the four carbs and replaced the damaged rubber joints between the manifold and the V boost , and replaced the four air/fuel screws , rebuild the manifold, tuned the V...
  3. P

    Sudden Lighting Electrical Issue

    I was swapping my sissybar out for the stock grab rail and when I went to check that I had the turn signal wiring correct I wasn't getting anything at all. Not even the front signals. Then I noticed that the neutral light is out on the cluster and that was working for sure before and during the...
  4. davidon

    Sudden increased Vibs

    Rode to the gym last night no problems. On the way back I noticed increased vibrations at highway speeds.Is this most likely loosening motor mount/frame screws or wheel bearing going?
  5. P

    Running Really Rough All of the Sudden

    Ok so many of you may have read my post from this morning regarding my great ride yesterday. Well, I just finished changing the engine oil and the rear end gear oil. Then I went to start the bike and it was very difficult to get started. The choke wasn't working as it normally does. The more...
  6. Buster Hymen

    Sudden no start situation

    As usual my bike has crapped out 2 days before a ride! :bang head: Just got back from a ride, stopped the bike, then about 5 minutes later went to restart it and it just cranks but doesn't fire. All the plugs are wet when I pull them. Pretty sure it isn't the ignitor unit so I'm trying to...
  7. G

    Sudden issues

    Today riding home from the gym the bike started sputtering/stumbling at 4k-6k, it seemed to clear in the upper rpm range 6k and up. Rode into work later in the day on the freeway and it is much worse, no pull at all in the upper RPM range and still sputtering/stumbling from about 4k and up...
  8. red98vmax

    Sudden flat tire experiences

    How many of you have had sudden flat tires (front or rear). How fast were you going and how bad is it to steer and get to a stop, right side up? Steve Hinds vmoa#4352