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  1. C

    1994 VMax Intermittent Surging Issue

    I just purchased a 1994 VMax at the end of June. It had been in storage for 5 years. I got it running okay using the shotgun and pea shooter cleaning methods. I did notice it had a surging issue (very intermittent) about every 50 miles ridden. Dannymax recommended a thorough carb cleaning, so...
  2. dij0674

    need some help with a strange issue - surging - dies when shifted when cold.

    I'm stumpped on this one. And it is a safety issue at this point. Here are the issues: When cold (<195) the bike dies when I shift into 1st. And the bike is surging a pissed off horse. The voltage seems to bounce around between 11 and 13 volts. Once the bike warms up it runs...
  3. O


    rpm surges like crazy. the bike won't idle at all unless a lot of choke is used. and the engine surges with about a 2000 rpm range, like 1500-3500 or there abouts with the choke on. On the road at speed it runs great but at low rpm speeds (below 2000) it seems to have issues (stumble...
  4. 9

    Surging in wind gust???

    Cutting out in head winds, a little help please. I recently picked up a clean 99 Max, it has a full Kerker 4-2-1 exhaust {louder than sin} and four K&Ns under the hood, in and around town riding she runs excellent but on the highway at steady speeds like 65-75 it will surge and sputter when hit...
  5. G


    My 88 max all the sudden started surging between 2000 and 3200 rpms, when cruising, can this be a clogged pilot? I tried the shot gun with no difference, changed the plugs also, is there a way to clean the pilot jets without breaking down the carbs? Also tried alot of seafoam, no difference !
  6. C

    Surging problem at 5500rpm

    hey guys I have a 2001 vmax that has recently developed a surging problem at 5500 rpm when cruising in fifth gear. I have had the macanics check everything from O rings, rubber connections (for air leaks), checked the compression, disconnect the vboost, new plugs, cleaned carbs, synced the...
  7. CustomMax

    Lights surging

    I went for a ride tonight and noticed my lights surging, they'd get REAL bright for a couple seconds then return to normal or not sure if their dimmer then brighten to normal but it seems to be getting brighter than what they should be. But after thinking about it I was polishing underneath the...
  8. R

    carbs surging

    Well ,my carbs have been off, cleaned and set with a mercury vacume gauge. The bike seems to lop a little at idle " and adjusting lean mixture screws doesnt help". From 1000rpm to 3300 rpm it seems to run "un clean" like a small mild suge . And some times when I'm gearing down I burp the...
  9. yukonerdave

    First gear surging / hesitation?

    Hey everyone When I lay on the throttle heavy in first gear I am getting a weird pause followed by a kind of lunging surge - best way I can describe it. Maybe a hesitation (I don't really know the signs/symptoms of engine hesitation)? It does not happen in any other gear, nor does it happen...
  10. slowpoke

    low rpm surging?

    just curious what would cause a surging while holding a steady throttle in the 1500-2500 rpm range. example would be cruising down a neighborhood street. it will be smooth for a bit but then start surging. to the point i sometimes have to pull the clutch in and blip the throttle for it to stop...
  11. H

    Surging @4000 rpm

    I have just bought a 86 Vmax. It was sitting for 2 years. It has 12,000 miles. It is stock except for a k&n air filter. The carbs were overflowing fuel out of the vents when I first tried to start it. I took the carbs apart, inspected & cleaned them. checked float level: level is correct (I have...
  12. davidon

    Carb surging

    When syncing carbs using Carbtune I'm finding one of the carbs is stable and then surges slightly which makes it hard to get an even reading. Can this be caused by a misfire or something else and how can misfires be corrected?