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  1. L

    Fuel switch

    Looking around on Youtube and clicked on this. Nothing much to see until at 9:15 on the video it shows the fuel on/ res. switch and this one is a lights- on, off and po (parking only?) Very strange, I noticed the speedo is in mph, so not sure what the deal is. Any body got any idea on this...
  2. G

    Switch block paint flaking, stickers??

    I have a 1989 bike that is in great condition however both right and left switch block controls are flaking their paint. Obviously painting them black is no issue, however the small writing is going to be lost... as the lettering no is not “indented” it seems to have been printed on... Has...
  3. T

    Manual Fan Switch Connection

    With summer stop-and-go riding upon us, I would like to install a manual override switch for the cooling fans. I have a Gen 1 '99. However, I have searched the forum and watched videos, but there's no description or pictures of where you find the two wires to splice in the switch. This was the...
  4. V

    IGN switch pinout?

    I'd like to learn how the ignition switch is wired. I've searched but have not found a pinout diagram. Please post up!
  5. Bill Seward

    Ignition switch question.

    Zilla has had this goofy quirk for a while now. Bike starts instantly. Runs fine. However when doing a cold start, and start riding, the bike cuts out just for a fraction of a second when you let off the gas, pull in the clutch, or hit a bump. After about 1/4 mile, it stops, and the bike works...
  6. B

    Digisync headlight smart switch won't fit

    I bought a smart switch and hooked it all up, with the relay in the headlight bucket, I can't get the headlight back in. The wires between the switch and headlight are short and I can't move it around very much to get clearance. Anyone have the smart switch? How did you make it fit? Is there a...
  7. R

    Venture Royal neutral safety switch

    Good morning everyone, does anyone have a gear indicator/neutral switch for a Yamaha Venture Royal that they are willing to sell? I need one that is in very good to excellent condition. The Yamaha part# is either 41R-82540-02-00 or 41R-82540-01-00 depending on which oem parts site that you...
  8. B

    Vboost - toggle switch

    I bought another Vmax. The previous owner wired a toggle switch for the VBoost. I believe it puts in on all the time. My question is, when the toggle switch is off...does that mean VBoost is off all the time or will it work like factory stock? Sore, not much of an electrical guru.
  9. B

    V boost - toggle switch

    Got another Vmax. The previous owner wired a toggle switch for the Vboost. I believe it put on the V boost all the time or at least at the lower RPM. I would like the VBoost to operate like factory stock. Do you think I can just leave the toggle switch in the off position? Or, would that...
  10. J

    another fan switch post

    1S4377 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 190f ± 6 Breaks 174f ± 6 (View Image) 1S4378 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 203f ± 6 Breaks 183f ± 6 (View Image) 1S4360 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 203f ± 5 Breaks 194f ± 5 (View Image) 1S4425 2 Male Blade...
  11. M

    sidestand switch

    my side stand link doesn't line up with the side stand switch,pin doesn't contact the link when the sidestand is down.is there an adjustment for this as I can ride with stand down,help help this is a 2009 vmax

    Does anyone with a Gen 2 know of fan switch bypass

    Does anyone with a Gen 2 know of a good tutorial for making a fan bypass switch for both fans. I had one on my 2007 but that bike only had 1 fan, the Gen 2 has 2 fans as far as I know. I would assume a bypass could be done to have both fans linked to one bypass switch. I've got my bike apart...
  13. davidon

    Cable Clutch Master Cylinder switch help

    Anyone familiar with newer cable clutch microswitches on newer bikes? Like this? Been told there is a Yamaha version. How does it work? Is there something on the lever to push on the switch internally? Anyone have one of these set ups?
  14. Lew L

    ignition switch failurre

    Went on a 200m ride with a friend( he also has a Max but is not on the forum). Got home, shut off the bike and then tried to restart. No joy!!! No Lights either. Played with the switch and lights:biglaugh: So I know it's the switch. found repair info using the search function. Now just a...
  15. K

    Kickstand kill switch question

    Recently, I've had this problem where sometimes after I have a ride and stop the bike then try to restart, it wont turn over. All lights and stuff are on. Now, if I put the kickstand down, sometimes it will start so this make me think its a faulty kickstand kill switch relay. Do these relays...
  16. bkuberek

    Problem with Ignition Switch

    Hi all, Just got my 1991 all fixed up and running great.... then my ignition switch just broke. It will only work if I turn the key then turn it backwards a bit. But if the key moves slightly forward it goes off again. I feel like there is a contact issue inside the switch. I am concerned...
  17. R

    Clutch switch ground???

    Hey guys. I have a question regarding the clutch switch on my 2005. I'm trying to set up a circuit where pulling the clutch switch in will go to ground and complete the circuit which will power up a module I've installed on the bike. To clarify, I ONLY want the module to power up when I...
  18. D

    blinker switch

    On the left handlebar control-- Are the blinkers self cancelling when you push the button in? Or do you have to manually push it back where it was like i have to:ummm:?
  19. B

    removing switch throttle side...help!

    Changing bars, grips, levers today...stuck! What is holding the throttle side switch gear on? It starts to slide then stops. Thought I would ask before taking the whole assembly apart...other side slid off easy..
  20. Lotsokids

    Turn Signal Switch Maintenance

    My signal switch has been very hard to push (to cancel the signal). I shot some dry graphite into it, but that didn't help. So I took it apart and shot contact cleaner into all the moving parts. Then blew it out with my air compressor, and re-applied some graphite. WOW, what a difference! Only...