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  1. Lotsokids

    Hungarian Technical Inspection Completed Today - Some Weirdness

    I took the V-Max to the shop today for my 2-year inspection. Being that Hungary used to be a Communist country, they still have a lot of strict laws - no liberty for modification... kind of like California. But I digress... After passing the inspection, I rode the bike home and noticed some...
  2. jedi-

    Technical TCI question

    Our apprentice here at work has now got his 95 Vmax running, sort of. We found one cylinder down and traced it back to a bad coil and also found the TCI bad on that leg that fed the coil. My suspicion was that the failed coil may have nuked the TCI? Anyway, we manged to find a good coil and...
  3. M

    Dealer 09 Vmax Technical Orientation Guide

    I borrowed this service book from my dealer today. One interesting thing I found is that the exhaust camshafts have what is called a Centrifugal Decompression Device built into them. It sounds like this acts as a compression release until the engine reaches 650 RPMs. It states that the...
  4. Buster Hymen

    New 2nd Gen Technical section

    I've added a sub forum for Technical for the 09 VMax. Let me hear feedback on the layout if you like it as a link to the sub forum or would you rather see it laid out as the 85-07 section is. If I lay it out like that one, it makes the forum really long for scrolling down. Also I'm looking for...
  5. Maxedout

    White smoke Technical Question

    2007 Vmax @ 1200 miles When I start it up after it sits for awhile a short burst of white smoke comes out then dissapears. I tried using the colortune on it after boring out the stock pipes and mixture looked about right? I am up here in Arizona with warm dry weather. Any ideas?
  6. clintard

    To the technical minded

    Im having problems on my laptop that are really confusing me. When i go to ebay i can use every feature including my ebay but i can not view auctions if i search for lets say: Vmax. It will show the search results but wont do anything but sit there when i click something in the list. Ive...
  7. firefly

    good technical read but not vmax related click on Technical School a lot of usful info. ________ Toyota AR engine history