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  1. thanos

    AVON CHROME 130/70/18 + 200/55/18 combo feedback

    Anyone fitted this combo?(stock rims) Impressions? Thanks
  2. Vmx2001

    New tire technology... best front tire Gen 1

    Hi all, I have been looking at front tires for my 2001 (as I found mine is 10yrs old) With the new technology I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on a fairly sticky tire. I ride fairly aggressively (sometimes). I live in Vancouver, Canada & the weather can vary considerably, so hot or cold...

    Tire Review

    About 300 miles ago I put a set of Metzler Roadtech 01's on my bike and they are all they claim to be. No more rolling burnouts they've become instant wheelies. They feel like rails around corners especially long sweepers. I've only had one opportunity to ride them on wet roads. They did...
  4. R

    Widest rear tire without modifications

    Hello, My first forum! I have a 1985 Yamaha Vmax 1200 and want to know what is the widest I can go with out making any modifications. Thanks Rick
  5. P

    Puncture in tire.. Replace? Or Plug?

    Hey again, sorry if it seems like I'm hogging the forum. I'll try not to have any further concerns with my max, lol. So low and behold I spotted this on my rear tire. New tire? Or a plug will work ok? I'm kind of paranoid about the idea of a rear tire disintegrating from under me...
  6. K

    Radial tire pressure

    I have replaced the bias ply with Shinko radial on the rear. The tire says pressure is 42psi. For those on radials, is that right as I am used to running mid 30s on bias ply.
  7. GothamNY

    Gen 2 - Will stock rear tire fit on the front w/ tree mod?

    I am looking to widen my front tire to match my 240 rear tire. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Lotsokids

    Tire roast

    My new rear tire came in. So y'all know what THAT means....... :biglaugh: I recorded a video, but I can't seem to upload it. So here's a photo:
  9. A

    Bigger rear tire.. new rim?

    Wanted to delete the rear fender and it looks very empty back there. What's the biggest tire I can run on a stock 86 rim and what are good upgrades. Thanks
  10. maxrom

    Ice & tire

    Wath snow an tire have in common? :rofl_200::rofl_200: they both melt :rofl_200::rofl_200:
  11. Falaholic

    Rate my tire wear. Bridgestone Exedra 180/55/18

    Tire pressure 40psi. I take turns to the point that I'm scraping the kickstand. Lowered 1" internally.
  12. Lotsokids

    Rear Tire - Race or Roast? (Your Opinion Requested)

    My rear tire is currently square and bald in the center. Shows my riding style, I suppose. The next drag race scheduled here in Hungary is on April 29-30. I'm not a big long distance rider, so not many miles (Km) will be ridden between now and then. My options: 1. Ride lightly and hope the...
  13. S

    Larger rear tire

    I seen an article just a while back where someone done a "washer swap" and installed a wider rear tire, I'm wanting to check into it again, I want a wider rear tire as well as my friend on his bike. Can someone assist me? Thanks, Steve Kent
  14. P

    Most square rear tire?

    What would be the most square rear tire for a Gen1 (sidecar use) without getting to the dark side? Thks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. V

    Rear Tire Spacer Problem

    So, got the rear tire swapped out (rode over a nail!!!), but I pulled it myself to save a few bucks. Have done it once or twice before. When I was putting things back, I think I lost a spacer. I've looked all over my garage though, and cannot find anything. This is what I have. From the...
  16. S

    Rear Tire Fitment

    Does anyone know if a 170/80-15 will fit without any issues on the rear of 2002 Vmax? Everything is stock with swingarm and so forth. Thanks, Steve
  17. R

    Rear tire and wheel 2001 vmax

    I have a used wheel and tire for a 2001 vmax the one side is very good the other has pitting and oxidized chrome. No dents or other damage.

    Tire size for a 2nd Gen Vmax

    I read that 200/50/R-18 for rear tire and for front 120/70/R-18 on a 2nd Gen Vmax is that correct?

    Tire questions

    I'm looking at buying a 2009 Vmax or a 2010 what is the widest rear tire that will fit on the stock wheel?
  20. Traumahawk

    Motorcycle rim/tire protectors

    I was wondering if anyone has used anything like this, and whether or not they are effective? http://www.ebay.com/itm/291601753980?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thanks