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  1. J

    Advise on super trapps

    99 U.S. kn 150 main jets 8 disc in trapps carbs mix is 2 1/2 out and syched now is alittle hesitant off idle any suggestions
  2. acammer

    Super trapps didn't last long.

    Well, I bought some supertrapps this spring from captain Kyle, those didnt last long at all. Friday I am picking up a used holeshot 4 into 1. I got a fantastic deal, so it looks like the supertrapps are out! I think I have a local friend that's gonna buy them, but if not they will be on here...
  3. B

    07 Max Trapps

    I just put a set of Supertrapp Megaphone slip-ons put on my bike (9 discs per side) and installed a K&N filter. The dealer told me I should jet the bike so when it went in for service they installed a Dynojet jet kit with 170 main jets. The problem is the bike has lost its acceleration in the...
  4. RowdyMax

    Super Frustrated w/ the Trapps Install- Advice??

    Hi all. Just picked up a set of Supertrapps for my '05. Got the stockers off without much difficulty. However, I'm yanking my hair out trying to slip on the Trapps. On the right side of the bike, I can match the ends of both pipes but it appears that the alignment of the pipes is off. On the...
  5. KJShover

    Trapps with open endcaps

    I know some out there are using trapps with several discs, and some open endcaps. I've also been told folks have run both at once. If the endcap is open wouldn't that defeat the need for discs? Is this done for sound? I'm getting a set of trapps when my tax return comes in and I just...
  6. outlaws justice

    Super Trapps

    I want to make my trapps Quieter, Do I ad discs or remove them? Just forgot which way to go and thought this would keep me from going the wrong direction and have to do it twice Thanka