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  1. Diablotin

    Vaccum values

    A friend of mine had some camshaft issues fixed. After synching the carbs with a carbtune he noticed a drop in the reading. At 1500rpm he is getting 16 vs 22 before. Bike feels like running on 3 cylinders. Sparks and plugs looks fine. Any idea? Vaccum leak? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  2. M

    Carburator Vaccum

    Hello guys, I have a question for you: First let me tell you that I actually have tried multiple times to buy a Carbtuner, but the suppliers keep canceling my orders because im so far away (South America - Chile) So I'm trying something different, In another forum a friend suggested to use...
  3. D

    Not enough vaccum on #2 carb??

    I'm trying to sync my carbs and I'm having problems with the #2 carb. I am using a Carbtune 2 and I can't get enough vaccum to move the #2 rod up at all. I swapped the #1 and #2 tubes and the guage works fine. I messed around with the pilot screw as well as the #1/#2 sync adj screw. When I blip...
  4. Rusty McNeil

    Difference between a Harley and a Vaccum cleaner?