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  1. K

    A revelation: V-Maxs are not meant to remain stock

    Tried, real hard, for 3 fricken years to keep my 06 in stock condition. I loved the ?stock? look of the V-Max, that?s why I bought it! Most of my previous bikes remained stock; like the classic ?84 VT-500 Honda and a ?83 Suzuki GSXR 1000 that I had prior to the V-Max. So why not keep the V-Max...
  2. W

    09+ Mirrors on Older Vmaxs

    In my continuing search for good mirrors I came up with a thought. Has anyone tried using the stock mirrors from a 09+ Vmax on an older model? They sharp and the stems appear to be long. Not sure if they have the same size thread or not and if the right side is reverse thread, but it was just...
  3. R

    Any VMaXs in Corpus Christi, Tx.???

    I am so far the only Vmax rider in Corpus Christi that i know of. I am looking to find some people to ride with but dont care for the harley crowd all that much. Harleys are ok.... just not the typical crowd.... Let me know if you are in the area and we can hook up.:punk:
  4. gunrunner

    09 Vmaxs opposition

    The Gunbus 6728cc/ 410 cubic inch V twin weighs 1433 pounds , 523 foots pound of torque . :confused2:
  5. Y

    Who works on V-Maxs in QC area?

    I know, I know, I should work on my own, but I'm not too keen on bike inner-workings and my new job nets me one, MAYBE two days off a month. Also have a car project in the garage and one in the driveway waiting in line! Any info on a trustworthy and reasonable bike mechanic in the QC area would...
  6. Buster Hymen

    Cool shots of Vmaxs at Deals Gap

    There are some good shots of the gang of Vmaxs' that went to ride the Dragon on killboy.com. Here is a good shot of a knee dragging corner!:banana: