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  1. K

    How often do you wash??

    No, I'm not inquiring into your personal hygiene !! I'm interested in how often you wash and/or wax your Vmax. I have to admit that I am a little OCD when it comes to keeping my bike clean. I usually wash and wax mine twice week. I just can't bare to see her dusty or dirty. My wife refers to my...
  2. blaxmax

    Wash the fire suit

  3. L.T.Stone

    Can I power wash the max?

    Just wondering if it is ok to lightly? powerwash the Vmax if I stay away from the carbs, Also will the spray hurt a warm engine? sorry if this a dumb question, im new to road bikes.
  4. EvilD

    Car wash season, NSFW!

    It's almost car wash season so here is what we have to look forward too
  5. 88Vmax

    Running rough after a wash

    I washed the bike 3 days ago and pressure washed it. i know thatsa no no. i didnt hold it close just blowing the wheels out and light on the motor. At the moment it starts fine and runs decent but when im throttling it has a slight miss occasionally with a pop through i think one of the carbs. i...
  6. sswallie

    SALT LAKE CITY , UT : Charity Bike Ride and Bikini Wash

    Hey guys, I know this is late notice, but I just found out my friend is having a charity ride to help with the costs of his son's fight against cancer. You can read up on his son at his blog: http://sethcharlesbollschweiler.blogspot.com/ The ride is this Saturday, August 8 at Club Allure...
  7. 82ndCowboy

    Dyno Shoot Out and Bikini Bike Wash!

    Hey Guys!!!! Central Florida area. Saturday 9/27/08 Kissimmee MotorSports is having their Fall Celebration. http://www.mykissimmeemotorsports.com/default.asp (go to events calender) FALL CELEBRATION 2008 09/27/2008 - 09/27/2008 Come join us for Free food, Free dyno runs, Free...
  8. Jayhawk

    Getting your $$$ worth from a bikini bike wash

  9. davidon

    Wash DC metro area

    Anyone here? Trying to put some rides together and gauge interest. We used to have someone who did this but he is no longer riding
  10. Redux

    A bike wash saved my life

    Well, maybe. I really don't wash my bike with soap and water too often. Usually I just use some Honda Cleaner and call it good. Today however, I just decided to break out the bucket and hose. As I was rinsing the bike off, I noticed that the top bolt holding the left shock absorber looked wierd...