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  1. G

    Redline Water Wetter

    Ok, so i just attempted to flush my coolant system over the weekend with the vinigar and water dooche, that I read about on the forum, I hope it helps my heating problem - Do you reccommend using watter wetter to help? this bke always runs hotttttt, no matter what -- this bike is a 1988, and has...
  2. lankeeyankee

    Water Wetter Anyone?

    Has anyone tried Water Wetter? If so did you see a difference?
  3. Robbarrie

    Red Line Water Wetter

    I've had problems with my Max running too hot. On Saturdays ride it was in the red zone and I had to stop and let it cool and yes I was running the fan before it even got there ! . Sat' night I drained a little collant and added the water wetter. Sunday was about 6 degrees hotter out than...
  4. Angel of Death

    Water wetter

    The overheating thread got me thinking, would running water wetter in your coolant not be a wise idea because it would lower your operating temp? Or would it be a good idea because it helps your radiator work more efficiently? Erik ________ COACH HANDBAGS