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Jan 29, 2015
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Purchased in January of 2015. It was the first brand new vehicle I had bought with 0 miles on the odometer. I took my son to the motorcycle show in Dallas, sat on a new Vmax that was on display, stood up and called the dealer. 3 days later it was sitting in my garage. Been loving it ever since. Over the years, I have changed, modified, improved quite a lot on the bike. I think it would be easier to just list the changes... at least what I can remember...

1) Remove rear fender and replaced with tidy-tail. Modified tidy-tail and welded on brackets for factory type turn signal mount.
2) Replaced front and rear turn signals with smaller LED lights with clear lenses. Turn signals have same mount style as factory turn signals.
3) Replaced turn signal flasher with LED compatible flasher
4) Install front fender extender to protect radiators.
5) Removed factory mirrors and replaced with bar end mirrors.
6) Removed brake and clutch levers, replaced with shorty levers.
7) Installed Ricks retainer along with DD clutch spring and EBC clutch frictions.... it took 3 sets of frictions to get one good set. The quality control is terrible so I can not recommend the EBC clutch frictions.
8) Converted the headlight to HID Bi-Xenon. Removed the exhaust valve controller , fabricated a custom double vibration insulated bracket to mount the transformer.
9) Installed engine case crash protectors.
10) Installed custom Co2 air shifter. Altered wiring to convert horn button to activate shifter. Installed simple toggle switch to switch between horn and shifter.
11) Guru reflashed ECU for competition Use. Purchased another stock ECU
12) Hindle/Brocks 4 into 1 exhaust. There have been a few versions of exhaust mods along the way.
13) Installed Power Commander V, Ignition module, Auto tuner, and Gauge POD. Using the PCV for cylinder kill for the air shifter.
14) Installed additional LED driving lights.
15) Installed aux. fuse box and relays for added on accessories under left side cover.
16) Installed Brocks strap brackets on front calipers.
17) Installed "Tire Watch" tire pressure monitoring system.
18) Triple Threat air filter box mod
19) Installed 1 inch lowering bracket in rear, raised forks 1 inch in clamps
20) Installed factory 240 wide wheel. Currently running Dunlop Q3 in rear and about to install Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III on the front.
21) Installed "MPS" kill switch and tether for rules compliance at the dragstrip.
22) LED "Halo" ring lights at scoop inlets with hexagon extruded grills.
23) Fabricated a removable base for tail bag. Remove rear seat pad, install base using same hardware. takes 2-3 minutes.
24) factory optional "Vmax" engine covers.
25) Installed full braided stainless steel brake and clutch lines.
I absolutely LOVE my Vmax. I currently have just over 25K miles on it.... most of which is WOT. What a great bike


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