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Jun 30, 2019
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St. Louis, MO
Hey all, first time posting here. I just purchased a '14 vmax that was hardly used ( only 900 miles). Didn't start when I bought it engine just turned over and engine flooded from bad gas. Got It running and one little gremlin keeps popping up. Every time I turn the engine off and start it back up the clock resets to 0100 and the trip meter resets. Not a big issue but I was curious if anyone has ever experienced this.
Had this happen on my 16, loose battery cable. When it would start it would clear settings I guess from low voltage. Tighten cable no problems since.
Been awhile but thought I would update this. Replaced battery and tightened all connections, after the bike was shut off for a few minutes the clock/trip would reset to 0100. Underneath the right panel there is a 7.5amp fuse labeled "Backup (odometer and clock)". Sure enough it was blown, put a new one in and problem solved.