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Parts Wanted Middle drive gear EXPANSION Space and Oil Seal

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Jun 5, 2009
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San Diego CA
I think I messed up recently when doing an oil change and added a bit to much oil. Second ride after the oil change I noticed a oil leak that seems to be coming from the rear output shaft into the swing arm. So I read a bit and narrowed it down to the "middle gear" area where the U-Joint comes out of the block. The oil seems to be concentrated in that area. Oil found in the rubber boot over the swingarm. But, there is also oil in front (forward) of the rubber boot on the block and surrounding area. Seems odd that the oil would go forward while riding.
Anyways, Ive ordered new Oil Seal and Expansion Spacer and O ring but they are on back order till the end of the month at the earliest.
Theres an event at the end of the month that I was planning on to (Biltwell Peoples Champ Awards Vote for 2021 - Biltwell People's Champ Show
Vote for Cliff Cavins if you would.
So if anybody has these parts in hand and would sell and ship them to me quickly I'd really appreciate it and would pay a little over value to make it worth while.