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Apr 14, 2019
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
My Gen 2 has that low rise seat back for the passenger seat. Which for me just riding by myself is more than sufficient. However, with life going on, I find myself in need of a rear passenger sissy back. Since there arent alot of options for the Gen 2 and I tend to be crafty, I built my sissy back. Still not finished, but correct angles for passengers. Now I can swap between the two and the time is about 3 minutes or so to do the swap. Just 4 bolts and easy to access. However I am lazy and want a quick disconnect system that I can swap out under a minute. I was thinking of maybe something like a hitch pin, but something a bit more secure as the hitch pin can slide back and forth. So what would be a good disconnect system for a sissy back? Mainly for the holes at the bottom as they attach to the bars that already exist for the low rise seat back. Any ideas? Good bad indifferent....I can probably make something work.


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Can't really work out what /how you are trying to attach the thing since I would need to see the other part and it fitted in place.

But for quick release fasteners Dzus spring to mind as below
Like that idea. I dont think that particular one would work, but I know those come in a variety of styles. So a bit of research on styles, I bet I could find a set that would go right in. And I am Sorry, Still not the best angle, but the aluminum bar on the side, you can see where the low rise seat back is, the hole almost underneath, there are 2 per side.

A couple more, now I see what you are attaching to, the clasp isn't going to work.... and I have no idea how the other works.

Yup. Clasps out. The other.... I see how it could work. Would have to be installed backwards I think. I think I would invest in a set of those. Looks quick and easy to to load and unload once installed. Your first option is viable as well. Looking at sizes and styles on those as I type this.
My opinion is that why compromise the safety of your passenger, for the convenience of a rapid change-out? A threaded fastener is superior to any spring-loaded quick-release. So-what it takes 4 minutes to install/remove a backrest? It probably takes you that-long to check tire pressures, signaling equipment, and brakes operation before a ride. You do perform those checks, yes? 🤔
Pressures are checked in under 10 seconds. Lights when I am on, hand checks on those. Maybe 15 seconds tops. Brakes are right as the bike is rolling out of the garage. That entire check is less that 1 minute. And I agree, threaded fasteners are best. No argument here. As someone who works in the auto industry, I see quick connects for alot of automotive aspects. Some of the strongest connections(driver side airbag as one) are spring fastened. Door latches on vehicles now are such small springs and plastic stop clips used to hold a door shut. So it is the right application.

For temporary rides, I would like something a bit faster in changing out. Also wouldnt need to bring those special tools to remove. Saving on space more than weight at that point. If the bike was gonna do two up touring, I wouldnt even be entertaining this thought as it would be a mechanical fastener all the way. My longest 2 up ride was 18 miles. Most of the time, its 3-8 miles.

In the end, like I said, I am a lazy being and if I can find a faster method, I will utilize that method. So long as it is safe secure and stable. Hell, the options presented may seem good on paper. But may not work at all making me stick with the slightly slower nut and bolt method anyway, LOL.
3-8 miles? here's your solution: