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Using Rotella in my 2012. Used it in my 05 also.
I have a 2012 too. You're sure the ROTELLA IS WORKING COOL ? I live in a verrrry hot humid climate.
You thinknthe clutch slippage will go ?

As i whack it open it the rpm shoots up and then comes down and then accelerates.

What is happening?

Does this happen to you ?

Was originally matte black....


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Sounds like the clutch is slipping.

It's time to remove the clutch cover (have a new gasket on hand) and measure the friction plates for thickness, same for the all-steel 'steelies.' Compare those measurements against the factory manual specs.

I suggest you add where you live beneath your screen name/avatar. Someone close to you may be able to assist your trouble-shooting.
I've been using Rotella 15-40 dino diesel oil, works great in both bikes. I know it's a popular choice but you will get some different schools of thought as on any oil thread. Good luck and enjoy.
Can you please put up a photo of the oil can would help.
Is this the one with zinc etc. in it ?

Thank you.

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