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  1. labargeblake

    Preferred oil type

    Anyone have any suggestions or preference on oil type and weight they use for their first gen vmax? My bike is a 96 with super trap pipes. Thank you
  2. H

    Some type of custom Vmax

    Everyone has different tastes so I'm not knocking the guy but my only question is - why? Looks like he has flat slides but why in the world does it sound like that - something ain't right. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ5J_wxGfLE
  3. dmax1

    Hose clamps spring steel type

    I had purchased some new hoses for the max. They fit well and seem of decent quality. The only problem is they do not include the spring tension clamps used on the connection from the heads. I have tried the stock clamps and they will not fit as the hoses are thicker and once you put the hose on...
  4. O

    Cops/ plug type / gap

    I know all this info is out there but... Can anyone help me with the recommended plug and gap when using cops with no resistors on an 85 electrical setup. Thanks.
  5. S

    Different type of battery question.

    Ok...I'm a bit short on space so the battery fitment will be interesting. Could someone tell the smallest battery that will power the max ? Or is it possible to hook up 2 seperate smaller ones ? Cheers
  6. D

    fork seals and oil type?

    Well I was hoping to avoid changing the fork seals again, but I now have the time since i am rebuilding the engine. I put seals in about 4 years ago when bike was mostly stock and are leaking now. I used the leak proof seals which are obviously all a lie! Curious what you guys have had good...
  7. VMAX1260

    Mark's exhaust bolt type and size ?

    Does anyone can help me by telling what size and what thread does Mark's exhaust cans have for bolting the exhaust tips ? I am sure it is a U.S thread . I need exact numbers so i oreder some new ones
  8. R

    Using new type CDI on 85 Max

    Hi, My `85 max has an issue with the CDI, below 2K RPM, there is no spark on both rear cylinders. Above 2K, no problem. First, I will try and solder the unit again (fixed a timing issue the same way three years ago) but if that does not fix the problem, I would like to install a newer type...
  9. mymax04

    Any type of bulb you can think of

    My Dad bought his vmax in 85 & I remember his headlight had a bluish tint to it...Well after weeks of searching for it I found it at http://www.candlepowerinc.com/products.motorcycle.html I got two. one for his new Vmax & one for mine. I cant remember the guys name that works in shipping but he...
  10. Diablotin

    radial tire lifespan vs bias type

    I was just wondering if the radial tyre were lasting less than the bias type on a vmax. Any feedback guys ?
  11. terrywilliams

    What type of Battery

    I'm thinking of replacing the battery in my VMAX as I noticed it takes a long time to recharge it... What type of battery do you guys recommend?
  12. O

    Triple clamp torque and steering bearing type

    What should the triple clamp bolts be torqued to? Second, what type of bearings,( ball, roller ), are the steering bearings? Thanks. Jack.
  13. madmax1961

    Motorcycle crash rate by type

    I was recently told that the VMax was the "winner" in the fatality rate area. No other bike had killed so many riders, as a percentage og production numbers (I know that bikes don't kill by them self but that's how it was presented to me). I've been trying to find statistics about bike types and...
  14. Transam

    What type of Saddlebags fit

    Well I'm sick of the backpack now and I can't afford the hard bags. I'd like to get either some textile or leather saddlebags that will fit the Max. I plan on doing the relocate for the turn signals so now I need to find some bags. I have Supertrapps on the bike and they seem to point up-wards...
  15. M

    How much time to type a post??

    How much time does aperson have to type when posting? Everytime I try to submit a post Ive logged of while typing. iam aslow typer, cant get enough info in the items I am selling or when looking to post a lengthy reply. When I re login after hitting submit tab you lose what you typed. Any...
  16. vmaxinID

    Headlight plug in type

    Is the Vmax headlight an H4 type bulb plug in? If not what is is? Bye for now.
  17. Buster Hymen

    Type of women attracted to Ferraris? NSF eyes!

    This type, apparently!! :barf:
  18. markmax

    The OIL thread. All oil related questions here.

    So what kind of oil do most people run in their max. I did my first service at the shop where I got the bike, but plan on doing most of them myself. Just wondered if there was a specific type of oil out there that is better then others? I've read on a FZR sight I still go to that people there...