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Sold Saddle Bags OEM Gen 2

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Jul 17, 2013
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I have sold my bike and the new owner did not want the complete look that the saddle bags give the bike. His loss. But, I had to deduct a chunk from the price of the bike to sell it without the bags. So, I am selling them here. I am asking $1000, but am open to offers. I know many will say they are not worth $1k, but they are not made any longer, people are not selling them, and this is the price they typically go for so it is the market rate. If you don't like the price or whatever, just move on. If you want them, they come as they are shown on the bike and include the 4 bolts and the 4 spacers that mount the bags to the bike. The one side has a small tear in the outer leather. It does not affect the bag, and I will do a small repair of it before sending them off to you if you wish. My plan is to place a small strip of tape on the inside and then complete it with some seam sealer on the outside. It will be visible, but it should be fine. Other than that, they are in great shape. Never been down. 20210915_185311_resized_1.jpg20210915_185323_resized_1.jpg20210915_185331_resized_1.jpg20220704_164215.jpg20220704_164221.jpg20220704_164224.jpg20220704_164250.jpg Reduced price to $750.
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I'm reading 500 hunny for the pair.
Mount kit is sold separately.
Otherwise you would have two numbers for the left and right bags.
I could be interested. Is a photo of the tear possible ? Sounds like a total recover necessary to make it right.
And for clarity, the mounting brackets come with, correct ?
I see the tear now in the photo you already posted .
Too bad. Definitely needs a proper repair .
Not your problem but I would need to ship and likely pay duty to get to Toronto.
I will offer you $ 500.00
I have seen these bags post accident that looked like they were drug behind a truck go for more than $500. I may be willing to do $750. I can label them however you want to help with duty to Toronto.
I currently have a Givi soft bag set-up that works well.
I guess I'm going to have to pass on yours.
I am but I don’t think that they will work with my exhaust, I will check this weekend when I get a chance to go to my shop.
I am asking $1000. I will ship it to you for that. Unless you want overnight or something faster than priority.

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