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  1. S

    front crossovr brace 1996 up

    Hi, I had to put in a 96 motor in my 89 max. The front crossover brace/ horn mount I have will not fit the flat style oil filters. Does someone have this brace they will part with? I will also have early style brace for spin on filter available. Thanks Tom
  2. ragdog2011

    1996 VMAX for sale

    Recent health issues have forced me to consider the sale of my VMAX or possibly parting it out I've had problems recently with the second gear I'll take $2200 cash or if anyone would be interested in buying some of the many aftermarket parts I have pictures in my album and a list of parts and...
  3. S

    1996 V Max Seat Removal

    OK, so what am I missing? There's like....two videos in the world on removing the seat and on both of them the two screws are removed from the sides and poof, the seat just comes right off. Well not on mine. That sucker sure looks bolted on solid to me and before I do surgery I thought I better...
  4. BorgBiker

    1996 California Vmax For Parts or Salvage?

    I am selling my 1st Max for parts, or whatever you want to do with it. After dropping it about 3 years ago, I had aspirations of fixing it up and keeping it. It has been without current Ca registration since April 2011, now to get it current it's gonna cost me over $1000 and I don't have the...
  5. Y

    1996 Vmax part out

    Parting out full 1996 Vmax 1200 with 10k miles on the odometer. Bike blew a con rod. I was not the last rider, but everything listed is presumed functional. Listed as-is for argument's sake. For pictures use this link here...
  6. Y

    1996 Vmax part out

  7. 2

    1996 Vmax turn signal relay

    Looks like my turn signal relay is gone. I am trying to wire it a Harlan shift light to the rear of the tach and there's no power to the brown wire. The gray is the tach impulse wire and the black is the ground. Does anyone know if the tach power is routed through the turn signal relay...
  8. V

    1996 Vmax for sale

    Beautiful bike, yamaha windshield, backrest and engine guards. Never down, always garaged, all black model, 3600 miles, no modifacations. Dont ride anymore. $5500. See pics at tulsa craigslist. Call or text 918 884 8868

    1996 Yamaha V-Max - low miles, execllent condition

    Hi all, Terrific bike, not a thing needed, and in excellent condition. Enjoyed the heck out of it, but my current riding puts me on on my K1600GT or my 990 AdvR far, far more often. Thus, this V-Max that gets ridden 1-2x/mo is going up for sale. Bike is located in Sloughhouse, CA (just...
  10. E

    Engine guard for 1996 Vmax

    In search of engine guards for my VMax. Thanks for the help!
  11. E

    Side cover emblems off 1996 Vmax

    $40 for the pair, shipped.
  12. blaxmax

    1996 r/r running 18.08 volts at 2500rpm?

    Bike is 1985 and I just hardwired a 1998 r/r with a 30amp fuse to the battery. Ground went to the neg battery post. Followed RAWarriors thread to the "T" and even mounted in the same location where the old coils were. I get 12.62 when turned off but when I rev to 2500rpm I get 18.08? Sorry...
  13. 9

    1996 Vmax For Sale Hamilton Ontario Canada--SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi Guys- this was a US bike imported to Canada a few years ago. Need $4,500 CDN. This bike has been well taken care of and garaged all of it's life, so it shows well. No dents, a few minor flaws and it shows a bit of its age but otherwise looks clean. The engine has been out...
  14. C

    1996 vmax for sale near pittsburgh pa

    Selling my max ill take 3500$ http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/4533564481.html
  15. F

    1996 VMax (feeler)

    I am hoping everyone here might help me out. The time has come where I need money more than I need my bike. Below is a list of the VMax upgrades/modifications/details. - 1996 Yamaha VMax. - 30k Miles - Custom Black and White paint job. - Morley's Undercut transmission/clutch - Dyna 3000 TCI...
  16. E

    1996 vmax - no spark after bike is warm

    I could use some help from the forum on this one... My 96 vmax will run great until the bike is warm and then it dies and won't fire up again until the bike cools off (about 2 hours). Here's what I've tested: Pickup coils resistance is 111 ohms even after bike dies Battery is charged (even...
  17. C

    1985 with 1996 engine, kerker stage 7

    My dyno results. I have a stage 7 kit (no V-boost), stock airbox and air filter, Kerker 4-1 Jet size was 165, now 140 I will have a K & N on shortly, will have to raise the needles a clip when I do. Don't know air/fuel, do know it runs a touch lean down low (nothing to be concerned with...
  18. M

    1996 Yamaha V-max*1 Owner*low Miles*extras

    1996 Yamaha V-Max,1 owner,1250cc,V-4,custom hindle carbon fiber exhaust,new tires(less than 500 miles on both), new fuel pump,7,415 miles,black metallic,well maintained,backrest,windshield,leather fork bag?.runs/drives like new?.$6800?.im listing this bike for a friend?.located in frankfort...
  19. M

    1996 Yamaha V-max*low Miles*1 Owner

    1996 Yamaha V-Max,1 owner,1250cc,V-4,custom hindle carbon fiber exhaust,new tires(less than 500 miles on both),7,415 miles,black metallic,well maintained,backrest,windshield,leather fork bag?.runs/drives/looks like new?.$6800 firm?im listing this bike for a friend...located in frankfort...