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  1. dewcrazzy

    carb adjustment help

    What is the screw for that is just over the idle screw to the right that if I turn it to the right my idle goes up and to the left it goes down. I used a straight head screw driver on it?
  2. G

    Choke adjustment

    Searched for any info on this, no joy. Are the little forks that pull the choke plungers out adjustable, I ask this because I noticed choke on number 1 carb isn't being pulled out as much as the others, there are some tiny screws that look like they might do just that but I thought I would ask...
  3. T

    Mixture screw adjustment w/vacuum gauge??

    Anyone here recommend or set their idle mixture screw while the vacuum gauge is hooked up, looking for peak rpm? I have tried adjusting it listening for stumble and then out for peak RPM, but I think my hearing is shot from being around turbine engines my whole life. I can't hear that...
  4. oz1961

    Headlight adjustment

    I finally fitted and connected my LED headlight I am wondering if anyone knows the correct headlight adjustment height? Procedure? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. T

    Carb adjustment question

    I recently cleaned carbs, installed new pilot air adjustment screws set at 3 turns out, did carb sync. I didn't fiddle with new pilot air adjustment and the bike is at a perfect idle, if I bip the throttle it returns nicely to 1000 rpm. When I took it for a ride, I noticed around 4000 to 4500...
  6. K

    Idle Adjustment

    Ok, I am new to the Vmax scene. I have recently bought my first and loving it. I have noticed that the bike seems to idle a little slow. So slow, it will sometimes stall, when stationary in traffic if you don't keep the rev's up. I have tried increasing the idle speed using the adjuster and it...
  7. 1

    Cam Chain Tensioner Adjustment

    Hi all, Picked up a 1997 V-Max Canadian import a few months ago. Since I had it it's been making a ticking noise, happening at pretty much all revs and on the overrun. After thinking it was the valves out of adjustment I had this done and the noise was still there. It's coming from the rear...
  8. K

    Headlight housing "adjustment"

    So I picked up a really cool headlight from Amazon knowing I would need to do some modification to the original housing 5-3/4 5.75 Inch Daymaker Projector LED Headlight for Harley Davidson Motorcycles Headlamp 45W Chrome
  9. J

    Idle adjustment

    Hello, I've got a 2006 vmax and was wondering at what rpm is it supposed to be idling at? Where and how do you adjust the idle? Please let me know. Thanks, James. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  10. 9

    Valve adjustment shims

    Hello all, 1st post. I have looked over the entire site and actually found a great write up on doing a valve adjustment.. The problem is, is that it mentions nowhere what diameter shims to use. Does anyone have this info?
  11. child_of_fire

    wrench size for steering adjustment gen1

    Does anyone know what size spanner wrench and box wrench I need to tighten the steering head? Is it a 27mm? And an 10mm spanner?
  12. TB99Max

    A/F adjustment questions

    My 99 had a full two brothers (4-1) exhaust but I removed the slip on a put a single universal supertrapp with a open end. I kind of got screwed up when doing the peashooter.... Well interrupted I should say and messed up my settings. I was going to go back to stock settings #1- 2.5, #2- 2.75...
  13. tinman22

    Overly sensitive adjustment?

    Well I've been attempting to sync my carbs for a month now (don't want to rush into anything) I even bought a new digisync (works great). They are "in" right now (172-174) digisync numbers but adjustment was a bit difficult. After setting the throttle cables I started with carb #2 then moved to...
  14. E

    Clutch adjustment? ??

    When I pop my max in first gear from neutral it shuts off. Do I need to adjust the clutch? If so how do I do it. Thank you Eddie
  15. SledHead

    Idle screw adjustment

    I cleaned my idle circuits on my stock 2001 vmax following the method. While I was at it, I replaced all four idle needle valves. My question is, when I turn the idle screw out, does it richen, or lean out the mixture? What is a good baseline number of...
  16. B

    Valve Adjustment

    Doing my first Valve Adjustment on my 1990 VMax and I found 7 tight valves, 3 intakes measuring .003, + 4 exhaust measuring .009. I have the service manual and I'm thinking the cross reference chart is not correct? One Exhaust measured .009- .223mm with a 268 shim installed and the chart calls...
  17. R

    V-boost adjustment

    how do i correctly adjust the cable in the v-boost valve to get it to open completely. Is it the screw above the black box ?? Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  18. R

    Valve adjustment

    Hi guys I was wondering how much it might cost to have the valves adjusted on my Vmax .I think they may be making a little noise.Thanks.:ummm:
  19. M

    V-boost adjustment

    Just recently bought a 2000 and the v-boost kicks in around 6000rpm, Does anyone know how to adjust it so it kicks in sooner like around 4500rpm? Or can you completely turn it off so its on fulltime?
  20. bmramon

    Suspension Adjustment

    Hey all, I need some help. Cant seem to get my gen2 vmax suspension dialed in right. I come from the GSXR world and this bike feels like its riding on dirt road on every bump. I've tried every adjuster all the way on HARD and then all the way on SOFT, and no matter way, the ride feels...