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  1. tothemax93

    Glock comercial Attn: Redbone
  2. dannymax

    Attn Reloaders

    Just found some Winchester primers on sale thru these guys Not doing so good on powder tho....lookin' for 'Unique' 'Bullseye' or '231' You NY guys....if Blomo gets back in this stuff may become even more scarce.......just sayin' :blink000:
  3. A

    Attn Spikey Tim :)

    Attn Mr Spike, AKA Tim Hey Tim, came across these and they have your name all over them check it : go to the of the page to see the different types of spikes you can get

    ATTN: Redbone

    How do you like these apples?
  5. turbostang

    Attn: Sean Morley

    Sean, what is the turn around time for a seat. Have you got any in stock that you can ship now and I send you mine in return? Do I need to redo all 3 pieces, or can I keep the center sections\? What is the cost inc shipping to T2Y 4G2 (Canada) How much of a core charge prior to shipping the...
  6. D

    attn Sean Morley....

    I believe it was you someone told me had one of those "elbows" that come out the back side of the carbs.... the one that the drain hose hooks to. If they just press in, and do you have a spare..... if so how much for it (my zip is 14830....shouldnt cost more than a couple of stamps...