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  1. S

    Wheel balance question

    Had my rear wheel off to replace the brake rotor & decided to re-balanced my rear wheel. It had 3 oz on it & I've never used that much when I do the job. Whoever did the job before didn't have the weights at the light part of the rim but it wasn't very far off, like maybe an inch & a half...
  2. A

    Who do you trust to install and balance tires on new Powdercoated wheels?

    I've had a lot of bad experiences with people damaging the finish on wheels when installing new tires. So who do you trust to do this without damaging the finish on a wheel?:ummm:
  3. SvenDGAF

    Balance H Pipe Rotted

    So, after a number of bodged repairs, my balance pipe finally decided it had had enough. It jetisonned itself onto the M40 (freeway) on the way home from the Bulldog Bash (HAMC England biker bestival) - still around 100 miles from home. So I had to ride back with virtually open headers on the...
  4. naughtyG

    Using Dyna Beads to balance a tire

    So today I bought three ounces of Dyna Beads to balance my Shinkos. The rear tire was off for a puncture repair, so it was easy to stick two ounces of beads in it when mounting it back on the wheel. For the front though, I had to go through the inflating valve as I had no plans to take the...
  5. Calimus

    Quick & dirty carb balance

    Ok, so my max has been running richer then hell since I got it and I finally got the old man (my father) to come over with his merc guages. Turns out there wasn't much merc left (they have been sitting in his shed for 12 years) so we did what we could with what we had. Holy shit what a...