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  1. dannymax

    Need a Go-Fund Me site to help buy bird food

    They're getting huge!
  2. Fire-medic

    Motorcyclist dies after hitting bird

    Wow, what bad luck! :confused2: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MOORE HAVEN, Fla. -- A southwest Florida motorcyclist was killed after a bird hit his helmet, causing him to crash. Florida Highway Patrol reports that 49-year-old Douglas James Winfield was riding a 2013 BMW motorcycle through Glades...
  3. alorio1

    How to kill a Mocking Bird

    I have this bird which I believe is a Mocking bird that has gone nuts. He tries to get into the house thru the top part of the window where the screen ends and is constantly trying to get into the vehicles painted black with tint on the windows. Now I am a bird lover myself and would just like...
  4. wildman98

    vmax versus black bird

    i herd i got a guy over here looking for me lol. ill race anybody light to light . i don't no how well these bikes run Anybody run up against one.don't want to bit off more than i can chew:hmmm:

    Vmax bird poser

    Here's one, anybody got some stuffed away they'd like to share?
  6. Max01red

    Very cool bird....

    this is one smart bird...