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  1. tothemax93

    a little fire action in the Buffalo NY area

    a Building at the old Bethlehem steel plant started on fire, Wednsday. It was 6 city blocks long. The news said it was being used as storage, cars, boats, etc. The smoke showed up on weather radar because it was so thick. The air smells like the fire, within 10 miles of the site. They still have...
  2. tothemax93

    Clintons are coming to town (Buffalo NY)

    Bill Clinton will be here tomorrow at a local Restaurant to organize for Hilary. She's coming Friday. I've never seen any Presidential candidate come to this area. It looks like Bernie's got them on the run. Oh ya... She has to testify one day this week with the head of the FBI. Talk about a...
  3. tothemax93

    2009 Vmax buffalo area

    https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcd/5508353759.html Not mine.
  4. drdan1341

    2007 in buffalo

    Does anyone know this bike or have opinions on this bike? I posted in random finds but figure here might have more responses. Thanks, Dan https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/5349589815.html
  5. drdan1341

    2007 in buffalo

    Does anyone know anything about this bike? https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/5349589815.html
  6. max_caper

    Buffalo Wings

    Hi, My son and I are going to do a ride early next week in New York. We figured we'd cross at Buffalo and since both my son and I are HUGE (literally) buffalo wing fans we thought we'd try some in the place where it all began. Any suggestions on where to get some really good wings in the...
  7. G

    Buffalo Motorcycle Blessing

    For anyone in the Western New York area the Buffalo Blessing is being held Sunday May 17. It starts at 10:00 am at the Mckinley Mall, bikes are blessed at around 1:00 pm followed by a ride to a grove on California rd in Orchard Park. Should be a ton of bikes, usually a few Maxes...
  8. lankeeyankee

    Mike : White Buffalo Racing

    Just wanted to drop a few positive words about Mike and White Buffalo Racing out of Lancaster CA I took the advice from one of the member asking who should I buy my brake pads from I emailed Mike at White Buffalo racing late TUE night and he responded the next business morning with a great price...
  9. 4gasem

    White Buffalo Racing

    Hey all, I like to give credit when credit is due and I can't give enough kudos to THESE GUYS Mike tends to always answer the phone and emails and is an amazing help. I started using them when modifying my SV and then decided to try them with the Max... They sell many different brands but...
  10. Robbarrie

    Any Maxers in the Buffalo area ?

    If you live in the Buffalo area, can you tell me where I can pick up a spin on oil filter adapter ? I could order it online but I just rather make it a day trip and go pick one up. Thanks... reply or pm me if ya prefer. :biglaugh: