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  1. ManuelSans

    Chassis torsion

    Hello all, I have a Vmax '86 and a the father of a friend (he lives in Thailand) sent me through her some steel bars which supposedly should be used to rectify the chassis of the motorcycle since according to him the chassis is too weak to handle the power of the bike and gets twisted. I...
  2. Falaholic

    Is the Engine VIN supposed to match the Chassis VIN?

    Confirm this for me. Also, the engine VIN is on the left side, just above the left peg?
  3. S

    Which chassis is better Venture or Vmax?

    Which is the superior chassis, the venture or the vmax? Same power, same everything, except I guess the suspension.
  4. 5

    vmax in a sportbike chassis

    I just recently bought a 85 vmax engine in its frame and was wondering if it possible to mount the engine in a sportbike frame. I was thinking maybe a busa or r1 frame. I tried to search the forums for this but it wouldnt work. I searched all over the web and could find nothing. The frame...
  5. one2dmax

    FS - 1500 Chaindrive Longrod and Drag Chassis

    Hello Guys. I am thinking about selling an engine and chassis I have. The engine was originally built and owned by Ron Holtzapple (PCW did the work and I have receipts for obscene amounts of money). Here is a link to the owner - - Ron passed away a few...
  6. B

    1986 V-max Rolling Chassis

    4 sale 1986 v-max rolling chassis , No motor ,seat, tank shell , front or rear fender, clean title , good for project bike , needs work , $1000 B/O ,(e-mail [email protected]) PHOTO`S LINK >