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  1. FLA-Vmax

    Guru contact info?

    Im searching for someone to do an ECU tune on a 2018 Max but im having trouble contacting the Guru guy (Tim Nash?). Can anyone help me out on this? Or know of anyone else qualified to play with the ECU?
  2. 95spfldmax

    Mark's Exhaust Contact Info

    Looks like this could be my year for an exhaust upgrade! But went to web page and surprisingly didn't find any contact info. Can someone provide this?
  3. donnelly317

    What does everybody use for contact enhancers if you use any?

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on electrical contact enhancement. This stuff is amazing and the only thing our Helicopter manufactures recommend using on our aircraft. It has solved many of problems for me first hand with connections. I put it on every connection I can when I have stuff...
  4. odieoh24

    contact info for marks pipes

    does anyone here have the contact info for mark. had a little accident on climax and need to have some new cans made for the hmf setup i used to have. all i need to replace is the right side can but if he cant match whats alreasdy there then i'll hopefully be able to get him to do a right and...
  5. slowpoke

    contact number for sean?

    i cant seem to find my email i had with his contact number in it. anyone happen to have it? im thinking its time to finally get my seat ordered but wanted to clear a few things up first
  6. davidon

    Gary McCoy new contact info?

    Anyone have his new contact info..heard he's back

    Morley contact info

    I have followed the threads about seat here and at the VMOA and want to give the muscle seat a try. Dang if I can get Sean to respond to emails or PMs. :bang head: Anyone have some phone numbers for him or is it just his way of saying I'm busy right now? I have a Starfighter which is OK and I...
  8. N

    Could someone tell me how to get into contact with Mark

    I'd like to get some chrome airscoops and other stuff. I f anyone knows how to get ahold of him I'd appreciate it.