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  1. G

    Parts For Sale 1985 Vmax part out

    Hello, I'm new here and just recently bought this 85 vmax hoping to bring it back to life. After pricing out the parts I think I would need I have decided to part it out. It is pretty much a complete bike minus a few parts were already missing. I've attached some pictures and also have more, but...
  2. 2017VMax

    Looking for black clutch cover and cover in black for other side. (GEN 2)

    I know some have upgraded their gen two covers to the see through or other custom covers. I always found the reddish covers off and would like to have black covers in their place. Anyone willing to part with their unused set? (GEN 2)
  3. ga_max

    SS Bolts for case covers

    I'm replacing my starter clutch again (it only lasted a year so I must have done something wrong) and was thinking that it would be a good time to replace the hex head bolt with stainless steel. Does anybody have a listing of the sizes and quantities ? Also does SS interact with the aluminum at...

    1986 Fork seal dust covers

    Has anyone found a vendor in the US that sells dust shields for the forks on my 1986 Vmax?
  5. T

    seeking 2nd Gen VMAX 1700 side covers

    Greetings folks, My bike fell on it's right side and damaged the side cover. I have been searching the threads here to find one to no avail. I'd rather not buy new if I can recycle. I'd also like to support a custom tinkerer rather than buy new as well. Do you or someone you know have spare...
  6. L

    Rear Exhaust Covers - With Kerker

    I am working on a new to me 85 vmax, It has a Kerker full exhaust system and the pipes are a bit rusty where they attach. I just noticed that there is an OEM cover that normally covers this section, question is: do these still work with aftermarket exhaust? I am trying to determine if I...
  7. TB99Max

    85 stamped side covers

    They are in good condition! $100 shipped
  8. CaptainKyle

    85 side covers

    85 side covers look really nice but not perfect. $ 125 plus shipping. Please email not pm [email protected]
  9. CaptainKyle

    chrome water jacket covers

    Chrome water jacket covers for 85-07 Max not perfect but look really nice. $ 50.00 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  10. M

    SIDE COVERS material

    Hello, As my 1st post, I say HELLO to all of you. I do not own an V MAX (I own a Raider), but I try to help my friend, V MAX 1700 owner. I want to powder coat the side covers, but I don't know which material are the side covers made from ? You can powder coat only metal parts, at least...
  11. Eugene Brad

    Scoop inserts, intake covers, and radiator cover

    Wanted to see what kind of interest there may be for some trim pieces. I just took some older trim pieces (scoop inserts, intake cover, and a radiator cover to local shop to get a cad file made of profile and bolt layout. Artwork/ designs are tbd. The guy told me once he has the profile and...
  12. OKCVmax

    Engine covers

    I'm looking for a starter clutch cover (I believe that's what it is, the big cover on the left side) and a clutch cover for the right side. Would be nice if they were off of an 85 or 6 (I'd like the have the aluminum colored inserts) Thanks
  13. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 OEM side covers

    $85 shipped CONUS
  14. CaptainKyle

    mario chrome diaphram covers --SOLD--

    Chrome diaphram covers done by Mario $ 115 shipped in the lower 48
  15. CaptainKyle

    side covers

    Please email instead of pm [email protected] Side covers need a good cleaning & polishing no dents etc $ 40 plus shipping & paypal fees.
  16. henrysgmc

    Side Covers

    A set of side covers in good condition. Price is $85.00 shipped. Text me if interested 845-283-6593
  17. Eugene Brad

    Chrome carb side covers

    Hey, anyone got two of the intake valve covers (chrome carb covers)like new? I found OEM for my 05 for $120. Thought would check. Brad
  18. CaptainKyle

    chrome scoops and 85 side covers

    Fresh chromed scoops and 1985 side covers have not been on a bike since being done. $ 400 firm plus paypal fees and shipping for the scoops and $ 300 plus paypal and shipping for the side covers.
  19. S

    Shift light and Infinity covers Gen 1

    I didn't get the 85 Vmax I was wanting (guy didn't really want to sell it), but, I have purchased an 2002 Vmax. I am wanting a shift light and wanting to locate some Infinity covers...(lighted tunnel appearance instead of clear). I have seen them years ago on a Max, just need some advice where...
  20. U

    Gen 1 Suspension bits- Swingarm bolts, covers, axle

    Selling some bits from my 2006. These are on Ebay, you get half price if no bids, plus actual shipping.