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  1. V

    morley's hd oiling cure VS pcw pro oiler mod

    hi guys i d like to uprgrade my oil system, can someone tell me what s the difference between morley's hd oiling cure and pcw pro oiler mod? which the best if there's a "best" mod ? thanks for your help philippe
  2. hijacker

    Magna rider turns to VMax to cure speed addiction

    Just a bit to introduce myself, some of you may already recognize my username from the v4musclebike forum. I live in Durand, Michigan about 40 miles east of Lansing. I've had a 3rd Gen Magna for a couple years and have been loving that bike. The 3G Magna and a VMax are both on the top 5...
  3. M

    Facebook cure!!!!

    I have been highly addicted to facebook for a long time now ... UNTIL i found this forum. ha!! Now this is my new addiction. I rarely even think about facebook. :eusa_dance:
  4. S

    How can I cure my ugly exhaust can?

    How can I fix my ugly exhaust can? My bike isnt pretty, but its not ugly either. But this is probably the single biggest eye sore. Basically, the entire exhaust can looks like it has leprosy and I really want to conceal or fix this somehow without making it look like complete ass. Right now I...
  5. firefly

    The furber fix myth to cure a wobble

    I did the fix a while back and liked the result but actually what happened is that as the bearing racers set on a new bike re torquing the steering should be done ~ 6 month and every 6 months after that,this eliminates the wobble caused by loose steering head no matter if you did the fix or not...